Saori Fukami

Saori Fukami

Programme: Kansai Year Abroad

In Japan, we often study English using American books and courses, so I chose to come to the UK to focus on English with a British accent. Although it was a real challenge for me to understand when I first arrived, I soon got used to the English accent and have been able to develop my own pronunciation skills too.

I have found my studies at Aston University very interesting and beneficial. The classes provided by CELCA have given me the opportunity to improve my English skills, more particularly my English for Academic Purposes. The classes are quite small which allows students and tutors to get to know each other. A lot of the activities in class are about communication and the tutors really encourage you to express yourself. I have also been able to work with students from other countries and learn about cultural differences.

Aston University’s central location is very convenient for travel. Birmingham airport is not far and the opportunities to travel around the country offer a really enriching experience. I loved my trip to the Cotswolds!

In the future, I hope to get a job where I will be able to use my English and return to the UK one day.