Risa Matsumoto

Risa Matsumoto
Programme: Kansai Year Abroad 

Aston University was an ideal choice for me because I wanted to be in the centre of a city. The accommodation on campus means that you are only 10 minutes walk from the city centre and it only takes you a few minutes to get to class. This is a big difference for me compared to back home in Japan.

The course itself has allowed me to learn about new things and develop existing skills. I have gained knowledge of how to write in an academic style, including case studies, research reports and essays and been given a chance to study with students of different ages from a variety of cultural backgrounds. I found the topic-focused approach to our learning very beneficial and discovered, for example, that I am interested in subjects like business.

The tutors here have been very helpful. I found the individual tutorials very important because it gave me time to discuss my performance in my studies with my tutors and talk about ways of making improvements.

While living in the UK, I have visited many different towns and cities here, some of which are very beautiful and historic, for example, Edinburgh. I also travelled to several other countries in Europe which was a great experience.

I think my time in the UK has changed my way of thinking towards my future. I feel that it is important to make use of my experience here and build on it. I have also become very aware of the significance of my family and am able to appreciate the things I love about Japan even more than before.