Norifumi Ichiyanagi

Norifumi Ichiyanagi

Programme: Kansai Year Abroad Programme

I chose to study in the UK because I wanted to benefit from the high level of education here, so having the opportunity to come to Aston University was a real privilege for me. As a foreign languages student I also hoped to take advantage of its location within Europe and travel to other countries during my stay.

I think one of the key advantages for me in respect to my course at Aston is the variety of module options available. The course structure is very clear and expectations are high. This has given me the chance to expose myself to new learning experiences. I found the focus on business in the first term very useful and may consider further study in this field in the future.

Another benefit to the classes delivered by CELCA is that you work with a variety of nationalities. This provides you with lots of cultural interaction and you learn how to accept cultural differences which is really great.

Aston University campus is right in the heart of Birmingham. It feels safe and secure and is very convenient for transport links. I have been able to travel all over the UK and have also visited several countries in Europe. This has been the first time I have travelled alone. I now feel that I can cope with anything.

This year has been an awesome experience for me!