Kento Nakagawa

Kento Nakagawa

Programme: Kansai Year Abroad 

Deciding to come to the UK to further my ability in English seemed like the logical choice. I heard that Aston University’s location, Birmingham, was not only the second city in the UK but also very multicultural and saw these points as advantages.

The course has taught me new things and it has been really useful to meet up and work with students from other countries, many of who are preparing for postgraduate studies.

During my year here I have travelled to different parts of the UK which has been very good for me. This experience has allowed me to think more objectively about this country but also about my home country, Japan.

I have found my time in the UK very useful linguistically. Through my exposure to a variety of accents and colloquial expressions, I have observed that language is a changing, moving thing, and that there are many types of British English.