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Optometry (BSc)
Optometry (Moptom)
Chemical Engineering (Meng)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Meng)
Electronic Engineering and Computing Science (MEng)
International Business and Economics (IBE)
Mechanical Engineering (Meng)
Microbiology and Immunology
Mathematics with Computing
Mathematics with Economics
Psychology (4 year)
Psychology and Business
International Business and Management
International Business and Modern languages
Healthcare Science (Audiology)
Human Biology
Human Resource Management
Law with Management 3yr
Law with Management 4yr
Computing Science and Mathematics
Economics and Management
Accounting for Management
Applied Physics
Biological Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Business and Management
Business and Mathematics
Business Computing and IT
Cell and Molecular Biology
Psychology (3 year)
Product Design and Management
Transport Product Design
Biological Chemistry
Applied Chemistry
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Beng)
Design Engineering
Chemical Engineering (Beng)
Communications Engineering
Computing for Business
Computing Science
Electromechanical Engineering
Electronic Engineering and Computing Science (BEng)
Logistics with Purchasing Management
Logistics with Supply Chain Management
Logistics with Transport Management
Industrial Product Design and Management
Psychology and Sociology
Mechanical Engineering (Beng)
Multimedia Computing
Construction Project Management
Biomedical Engineering (Beng)
Biomedical Engineering (Meng)
Business and Politics
Business and Sociology
Business, Management and Public Policy
Business, Management and English Language
Business and International Relations
French and English Language
French and German
French and Spanish
German and English Language
English Language
English Language and Social Policy
Politics with International Relations
Sociology and English Language
Sociology and French
Sociology and Social Policy
International Relations and English Language
International Relations and French
International Relations and German
International Relations and Spanish
German and Spanish
International Relations and Social Policy
International Relations and Sociology
Politics and English Language
Politics and Economics
Politics and Social Policy
Politics and Sociology
Sociology and Spanish
Translation Studies: French
Spanish and English Language
Translation Studies: French and German
Translation Studies: French and Spanish
Translation Studies: German
Translation Studies: German and Spanish
Translation Studies: Spanish
Engineering and Applied Sciences Foundation Year
International Foundation in Business and Social Sciences
Audiological Sciences

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