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CourseEntry requirements: UK
Accounting for ManagementABB
Applied ChemistryBCC
Applied PhysicsBCC
Audiological Science * OVERSEAS ONLYInternational applicants only
Biological Sciences MBiolBCC
Biomedical Engineering BEngCCC
Biomedical Engineering MEngCCC
Biomedical ScienceBCC
Business & International RelationsBBC - BCC
Business & ManagementBBB
Business & PoliticsBBC - BCC
Business & SociologyBBC - BCC
Business Computing & ITBBB
Business Management and English LanguageBBC - BCC
Business, Management & Public PolicyBBC - BCC
Cell & Molecular BiologyBCC
Chemical Engineering BEngCCC
Chemical Engineering MEngABB
Communications EngineeringBBC
Computing for BusinessBBC
Computing ScienceBBC
Computing Science & MathematicsBBC
Construction Project ManagementBCC
Design EngineeringInternational applications only
Economics & ManagementBBB
Electrical & Electronic Engineering BEngBCC
Electrical Power Engineering BEngBCC
Electromechanical EngineeringInternational applications only
Electronic Engineering & Computer Science BEngBBC
Electronic Engineering & Computer Science MEngABB
English LanguageBBC - BCC
English Language & Social PolicyBBC - BCC
English Language & SociologyBBC - BCC
Foundation Programme In BusinessCCC
Foundation Programme In Engineering and Applied ScienceCCC
Foundation Programme In ScienceCurrently accepting International Students only
Foundation Programme In Social SciencesCCD
FrenchBBC - BCC
French & GermanBBC - BCC
French & SpanishBBC - BCC
French and English LanguageBBC - BCC
French/German/Spanish including School Experience (one of two languages)BBC - BCC
GermanBBC - BCC
German & English LanguageBBC - BCC
German & SpanishBBC - BCC
Human BiologyBCC
Human Resource ManagementBBB
Industrial Product DesignInternational applications only
International Business & SpanishBBC
International Business & EconomicsBBB
International Business & FrenchBBC
International Business & GermanBBC
International Business & ManagementBBB
International Business & Modern LanguagesBBB
International Business French & GermanBBC
International Business French & SpanishBBC
International Business, German & SpanishBBC
International Foundation ProgrammeN/A
International Foundation Programme In BusinessN/A
International Foundation Programme In Engineering and Applied ScienceN/A
International Foundation Programme In ScienceN/A
International Foundation Programme In Social SciencesN/A
International Relations - FrenchBBC - BCC
International Relations - GermanBBC - BCC
International Relations - SpanishBBC - BCC
International Relations & English LanguageBBC - BCC
International Relations & Social PolicyBBC - BCC
International Relations & SociologyBBC - BCC
Law with ManagementABB
Logistics with Purchasing ManagementCCC
Logistics with Supply Chain ManagementCCC
Logistics with Transport ManagementCCC
Mathematics & BusinessBBB
Mathematics with ComputingBBC
Mathematics with EconomicsBBB
Mechanical Engineering BEngInternational applications only
Mechanical Engineering MEngInternational applications only
Microbiology & ImmunologyBCC
Multimedia ComputingBCC
NeuroscienceInternational applicants only
Pharmacy (MPharm)International applicants only
Politics & EconomicsBBC - BCC
Politics & English LanguageBBC - BCC
Politics & Social PolicyBBC - BCC
Politics & SociologyBBC - BCC
Politics with International RelationsBBC - BCC
Product Design & MangementInternational applications only
PsychologyInternational applicants only
Psychology & BusinessInternational applicants only
Psychology & SociologyInternational applicants only
Sociology & FrenchBBC - BCC
Sociology & Social PolicyBBC - BCC
Sociology & SpanishBBC - BCC
SpanishBBC - BCC
Spanish & English LanguageBBC - BCC
Translation Studies - FrenchBBC - BCC
Translation Studies - French & GermanBBC - BCC
Translation Studies - French & SpanishBBC - BCC
Translation Studies - GermanBBC - BCC
Translation Studies - German & SpanishBBC - BCC
Translation Studies - SpanishBBC - BCC
Transport Product DesignInternational applications only