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CourseEntry requirements: UK
Accounting for Management BScBBC
Applied Chemistry BScBCC
Applied Physics BScBCC
Applied Physics MPhysBCC
Biological SciencesCCC
Biological Sciences (Mbiol)CCC
Biomedical Engineering - BEngCCC
Biomedical Engineering - MEngCCC
Biomedical ScienceCCC
Business & International RelationsCCC
Business & Management BSc (Single Hons)BCC
Business & PoliticsCCC
Business & SociologyCCC
Business & Supply Chain Management BScBCC - CCC
Business Computing & ITBCC
Business Management & English LanguageCCC
Business, Management & Public PolicyCCC
Chemical Engineering BEngBCC
Chemical Engineering MEngBBC
Chemistry BScCCC
Chemistry with Biotechnology BScCCC
Communications Engineering BEngBCC
Computer Science and Mathematics BScBCC/CCC
Computer Science BScBCC/CCC
Computer Science with Business BScBCC/CCC
Computer Science with Multimedia BScBCC/CCC
Construction Project Management BScBCC/CCC
Design Engineering BEngBCC - CCC
Economics & Management BScBBC
Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEngBCC - CCC
Electrical and Electronic Engineering MEngBCC
Electrical Power Engineering BEngBCC
Electromechanical Engineering BEngBCC - CCC
Electronic Engineering and Computer Science BEngBCC - CCC
Electronic Engineering and Computer Science MEngBCC
English Language and Literature CCC
English Language BScCCC
English Literature and International Relations BScCCC
English Literature and Politics BScCCC
English Literature and Sociology BScCCC
English Literature and Spanish BScCCC
Finance BScBBC
Foundation Programme in BusinessCCC
Foundation Programme in Engineering and Applied ScienceDDD
Foundation Programme in Social SciencesCCD
French and English Language BScBCC
French and German BScBCC
French and Spanish BScBCC
French BScBCC
German and English Language BScBCC
German and Spanish BScBCC
German BScBCC
History and English LanguageCCC
History and English LiteratureCCC
History and International RelationsCCC
History and PoliticsCCC
Human Biology BScCCC
Human Resource Management BScBCC
Industrial Product Design BScBCC
International Business and Economics BScBBC
International Business and French BScBCC
International Business and German BScBCC
International Business and Management BScBBC
International Business and Mandarin Chinese BScBCC
International Business and Spanish BScBCC
International Business French and German BScBCC
International Business French and Spanish BScBCC
International Business German and Spanish BScBCC
International Foundation Programme in Science See course page for details
International Relations and English Language BScCCC
International Relations and French BScBCC
International Relations and German BScBCC
International Relations and Social Policy BScCCC
International Relations and Sociology BScCCC
International Relations and Spanish BScBCC
Law with Management LLBBBC
Logistics with Purchasing Management BScBCC - CCC
Logistics with Supply Chain Management BScBCC - CCC
Logistics with Transport Management BScBCC - CCC
Marketing BScBCC
Mathematics BScBCC - CCC
Mathematics with Computing BScBCC - CCC
Mathematics with Economics BScBCC - CCC
Maths and Business BScBCC - CCC
Mechanical Engineering BEngBCC - CCC
Mechanical Engineering MEngBBB
Neuroscience BScCCC
Optometry - BScAAA – BBB
Optometry - MOptom AAA – BBB
Politics and Economics BScCCC
Politics and English Language BScCCC
Politics and Social Policy BScCCC
Politics and Sociology BScCCC
Politics with International Relations BScCCC
Product Design and Management BScBCC
Psychology & BusinessBCC
Psychology & MarketingBCC
Sociology and English Language BScCCC
Sociology and French BScBCC
Sociology and Social Policy BScCCC
Sociology and Spanish BScBCC
Sociology BScCCC
Spanish and English Language BScBCC
Spanish BScBCC
Translation Studies - French and German BScBCC
Translation Studies - French and Spanish BScBCC
Translation Studies - French BScBCC
Translation Studies - German and Spanish BScBCC
Translation Studies - German BScBCC
Translation Studies - Spanish BScBCC
Transport ManagementBCC - CCC
Transport Product Design BScBCC