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Aston University works hard to support to Clearing, Adjustment and Insurance Choice students in finding a place in Aston Student Village accommodation on campus. 

We welcome applications and will do everything possible to allocate you a campus room once you have confirmed that you want to study at Aston University via UCAS. 

Accommodation is allocated, subject to availability, on a first-come first-served basis.

Insurance, Clearing and Adjustment applicants are not covered by our guarantee - however we hope to accommodate all Insurance applicants and many Clearing & Adjustment applicants. In previous years we have allocated 200-300 hundred Insurance, Clearing & Adjustment students.

To stand the best chance of being successful in you are strongly advised to apply as early as you can.

When you receive an offer you will have a number of days (normally 2 or 3, as stated on your offer email) to make a £250 deposit.
If you don't accept your place or pay the deposit you will lose your room, so please be mindful of this and check junk mail.


If you want to be considered for a place on campus as a Clearing, Adjustment or Insurance Choice student the process works as below:


  • Accept your place with Aston University through UCAS Track, then apply to Aston Student Village.
    • Upon accepting your place at Aston University you will receive a 9 digital number, probably beginning "16", from us
    • This number will allow you to apply to Aston Student Village using our online application portal.


However, you may not be able to apply immediately.
You may be able to apply within a few hours of receiving your 9 digit number.
In the worst case it could take up to 24, or even 48 hours, before you are able to successfully log in.
You would be well advised to regularly try to enter your details through working hours.


  • If you are successful in your application you will be offered a room.

    The first round of applications will be processed quickly and offers should be received on Friday 19th, or Monday 22nd, of August. However many applicants will be made offers in subsequent rounds and may face a longer wait.
    Please note that:
    • You will be informed by email when (or if) we are able to make an offer of a room
    • Your status in the application portal may change (from "awaiting verification" to "verification" and then "awaiting allocation").
      This is related to the internal processes we undertake and does not reflect whether, or when, you will be offered a room
    • In the event we are either not able to offer you a room, or become concerned that we may not have sufficient capacity to make you an offer, we will email you.
    • We will place updates on this page during the process.


  •   Upon receiving your offer you will have a set length of time to accept your room and pay a £250 deposit.
    • This period of time is likely to be either 2 or 3 days
    • Failing to accept and pay a deposit will result in your room being allocated to another applicant.

We appreciate waiting is frustrating and would rather allow you to apply to ASV instantly, however we rely on two systems communicating with one another.

The student application system has to share information with Room Service, the room booking system that much of the hospitality and hotel industry uses. Unfortunately this can take time. We hope and expect it to take less than a day, but it could take up to 48 hours.

Your application is very important to us, we want to get it right. We won't rush it.

While we will offer many Insurance, Clearing & Adjustment applicants rooms very quickly it can take a longer for others.
We will be making accommodation offers up to moving in weekend, however we will communicate with all applicants as we work through the list of applicants. If we think you will have a long wait, or are concerned we might not be able to offer you a room we will email you.

Why so long?

If you were to decide against accepting your place at ASV, or simply don't accept your place and pay your deposit, then we will "recycle" your room by offering it to other applicants.

This process can be repeated many times, and we allow each applicant a number of days to accept their place. As such it can take some time to work through the list.

We understand waiting can be frustrating, but it's important to us to give everyone fair opportunity to accept their place.

We have a team of people who are highly skilled in all the systems we use to offer and process your applications. However these people are busy making offers and allocating rooms. In order to give you the best service we can we think this is the best use of their time. 

Temporary staff will be manning the ASV phones and emails, and will escalate important issues.
If your 
inquiry is simply "where am I on the list?" or similar we are unlikely to be able to help on the phone, email or social media.

There is no easy way to answer this, as the size and nature of the list changes frequently. 

Applications from under 18's and people with disabilities, for example, are rated as allocation priorities. So your position on the list may change.
Also the number of rooms available can change, as we may be able to add capacity if we have less applications from Postgraduate students.

Also the length of the list, or your position on it, can be a poor indicator of how likely you are to get a room.
People often chose against taking a room with us, or fail to make their deposit payment.
As a result rooms are often recycled many many times.

Given these complexities (and others) it is very difficult to accurately communicate your position on the list.

Finding off-campus accommodation

Before accepting an accommodation place in the private sector, we recommend applying to live on campus first as we may have places available, which would be allocated after our original firm choice students have been placed.

If you don't want to live on campus, or are unable to secure a room on campus, Aston University's Students' Union can offer experienced and professional support to students looking for  accommodation in Birmingham. The Students' Union's Advice & Representation Centre (ARC) run an accommodation finding website, Aston Student Homes, which advertises quality private accommodation in Birmingham, much of which is close to campus in city centre apartments. All properties advertised through Aston Student Homes have gas and electrical safety certificates and licenses when applicable. The large providers are registered with national codes of standards.

Although Aston Student Homes does not find or place individual students into accommodation the professional and experienced team can advise on accommodation options and the things to look out for when choosing private sector accommodation. There is a wide variety of different types of accommodation in Birmingham.  Experienced advisers are on hand throughout the year to support and advise students living in the private sector.

If you have any questions we recommended you talk to the ARC for advice before making any commitments to private landlords and accommodation providers. The friendly team is happy to welcome visitors in person during their opening hours Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. You can call the ARC on 0121 204 4848 for an appointment or email astonstudenthomes@aston.ac.uk. A drop in advice service operates Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. 

Phone lines are particularly busy at throughout the Summer, so if you are unable to get through, please send an email and ARC will get back to you within 3 working days. 

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