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We have shortlisted placement photos for our 'On Location' and 'On the Job' category. Scroll down to place your vote! Voting will close on Friday 20th October and we will announce the winner via social media - get voting!

Please vote once for each category 'On Location' and 'On the Job'!  

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Jennifer Akussah

Jennifer Akussah - Photo Competition

Hannah Scott

Hannah Scott

Nabeeda Bakali

Nabeeda Bakali - Photo Competition

Grace Reeves

Grace Reeves.jpg
C+P Photo Competition: On location
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Dara Sohrabkhani

Dara Sohrabkhani.jpg - Photo competition

Jaipriya Rai

Jaipriya Rai - Photo competition

Chloe Fowler

Chole Fowler

Charlotte Lambert 

Charlotte Lambert - Photo competition
C+P Photo Competition: On the job
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