Student Associates 

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Every year, Careers+Placements recruit a number of Student Associates. The role enables students to get involved in various communication, service enhancement, and student engagement projects with the Careers+Placements Team.

To find out more about what a Student Associate does, listen to one of last year's Associates. Click here to view the video.

Please find below information on last year's Associates.


Jasprit Grewal

"I am Jasprit, I currently study Finance at Aston Business School. I chose to become a Careers+Placements Associate to help other students to utilise the services on offer, whilst also developing my skills further."


Cindy Tang

"Hello, my name is Cindy and I am currently studying a Masters in Strategic Marketing Management at Aston Business School. I wanted to become a Careers+Placements Associate to share my experiences with other students of studying abroad in Paris, doing internships but most importantly I wanted to help others and develop new skills along the way."


Jessica Metcalfe

“I wanted to become a Careers+Placements Associate to make sure Aston has a reliable student-based career network that they can reach to when looking for work.”


Julian Manners

"I remember how difficult and stressful it was trying to juggle studies and securing that all important placement. I'm hoping to pass on both my experiences and mistakes!"


Faiq Ahmad

"Hello, I chose to become a Careers+Placements Associate as it will enable me to make the best use of my skills in a helpful manner to my peers. I like being helpful, meeting new people and learning about new cultures. I believe the Careers+Placements role will provide me with the opportunity to do just that and make a lasting difference in the Aston community."


Ethymia Koutsampoikidou

"I chose to become a Careers+Placements Associate as I believe it will be an invaluable experience for me while at the same time assisting the Careers+Placements office with achieving its key targets. I see it as a two-way relationship where I will help fellow students by providing advice, and I will benefit from the interaction with other people, in terms of improving my communication and interpersonal skills."


Cristy Justine

"I chose this opportunity as I was curious about what the University has to offer for us students in terms of careers. Plus it gives me a chance to work alongside the University which will boost my professional experience."


Zoe O’Leary

"I chose to become a Careers+Placements Associate as I have benefited from the great work carried out by the placements team and want to help provide the support students require. Improving this already outstanding service will continue Aston's success at placing it's students in industry leading companies across a variety of sectors."


Medhi Khaki

"I chose to become a Careers+Placements Associate because I wanted to help students with their placement search, passing on advice from from the Careers+Placements team who will help them to get a good placement, part-time job, or even a graduate internship."


Manpreet Bhagat

"As Aston University pioneered the integrated placement year, I wanted to help, guide and promote the amazing work that the Careers+Placements team do to help so many of us gain an exciting placement within our 3rd year."


Rachel Ibanga

"My name is Rachel Ibanga, my School of study is Aston Business School and I decided to be a Careers+Placements Associate because I wanted to act as a student voice in representing the Careers+Placements team and also to help to get more Aston students in placements."


Kiran Johal 

"Becoming a part of the Careers+Placements team allows me to aid the University in building a connection with its students and allows me to do what I love most which is to help people."

 To find out more about about the Careers+Placements Student Associate scheme, please email careers@aston.ac.uk