Visa Scanning

When you arrive, we need to take a scan of your passport and your visa.

Before you complete stage 4 - face to face enrolment, please come to The Hub on the ground floor of the Main Building so that we can complete the visa process by taking a scan of your passport and of your visa. 

Please note that we must take a copy of your passport and visa if you are an International Student. You will be unable to proceed with face to face enrolment if you have not completed this task. 

Before your visa scan

Please ensure that you have completed stage 2 of enrolment (uploading your photograph) before you arrive for your visa scanning session. This is very important in order to avoid delays to your enrolment.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our dedicated helpers in the Hub - they're easy to spot in their yellow t-shirts!

Visa Scanners

When should I get my documents scanned?

For students arriving in September: 

For students arriving in September, we have dedicated visa scanners who will be available throughout Aston Welcome. 

The Hub will be open throughout Aston Welcome, for you to have your visa scanned. Your Main timetable will indicate a time when you should go to the Hub (on the Ground floor of Main Building) to have your visa scanned.
You must make sure you do this before your face to face enrolment which will take place during International Orientation. If your arrival is delayed, you will be able to get your visa scanned in Freshers' Week, before you complete face to face enrolment.

The Hub's Aston Welcome Visa Scanning Opening Times 2015

Please refer to your Main timetable for your allocated Visa scanning slot during International Orientation week. 

For students arriving outside of Aston Welcome:

If you arrive at Aston outside of the Aston Welcome period, please visit the Visa Compliance Team on the Ground Floor of Main Building to have your passport and visa scanned. The staff at the Hub Reception desk would be happy to give you directions if you're unsure how to find the Visa Compliance Team. 

Last checked PD 07/11/2014