Buying mobile/cell phones within the UK

You may find it useful to purchase a mobile phone whilst you are in the UK.

Pay Monthly  

If you wish to pay for your phone on a monthly contract, there are many network providers to choose from, and the prices vary. It is worth visiting a general mobile phone shop to discuss the options available to you. A contract normally requires a minimum term of 12 months, but this may entitle you to a free handset, discounts and some extra benefits throughout the year.

Pay as you Go  

This option is slightly more expensive, as you also have to buy a handset, but if you do not use your phone regularly, you will save money as you have no minimum monthly payment to make, and you can ‘Top Up’ your credit whenever you need it.

Bringing your own phone

If you want to bring your phone from home, then you need to check with your service provider if it will work in the UK, and make sure there are no hidden costs. It may be possible to purchase a UK SIM card to use in your existing handset at a fairly low cost.

There are now many companies that offer SIM cards for international students so that you can make calls to your home country at a much lower cost. Be careful though, as there may be other hidden costs involved.

For more information on mobile phones in the UK, try CableMoneySuperMarket or MoneySavingExpert.

 Last checked 09-05-2014 PD