Interested in Recruiting a Placement Student?

Finding a solution for your business needs: 

Are you looking for Placement Student for 2017/18? 

For years, Aston students have been heading out to join workplaces around the world as part of their year in industry. If you regularly recruit Aston students, or if it is the first time you are considering this, speak to our team and they will explain more about the process. You may also like to read about the benefits of employing a placement student within your organisation.  

To further discuss your options, please call the Employer Team on 0121 204 5299 or email us at employerteam@aston.ac.uk 

Employer Placement Handbook 2016

Employer Handbook 
The Placement Guide for employers has been written to support all businesses employing an Aston placement student for a year in Industry.The guide will help you and your placement student get the most out of the experience. 

Advertise all of your recruit needs to Aston students and graduates

AF sketch tab

Aston Futures is our newly created bespoke career management hub providing a user interface for employers looking to recruit Aston students.

Aston Futures is used by all Aston students from day one right up to three years after graduation. Students regularly update their profile to show their preferences and publicly promote the type of employment they are actively seeking. Meaning that Aston Futures offers you the opportunity to advertise your jobs directly to Aston students who will receive your new job alerts immediately. This fast, easy service is available to you free of charge.  
Access Aston Futures. 

Aston Futures is also much more than a jobs board, the portal allows you:

Quick and easy access: Account registration is straightforward and FREE of charge.

Increased presence: You will create your own profile allowing students to view company information regardless of whether you are currently advertising

It’s all about you: Upload your logo, pictures and videos to your employer profile to let students know what you’re about and what’s going on

Make changes and view archives: You can make amendments to current adverts, and view/copy any archived jobs you may wish to edit and/or re-advertise with us

Attachments: You will be able to upload documents to support your job information, such as company brochures, application forms etc…

Who’s looking: You will be able to check the number of student views for each of your adverts

Events: View and register your interest in upcoming Careers Fairs and events allowing you to meet Aston students and raise you profile on campus

More contact: Be better informed by us, with emails to provide confirmation of registration, approval of jobs posted and notifications of when your advert is about to expire

If you aren’t already on Aston Futures, we can get you registered today, so let us know and we can send your login details within the next 24 hours.

Fair this way careers

Attending an Aston University Careers Fair will provide you with the perfect opportunity to raise your profile on campus.  Our fairs take place in the Autumn term. Find out more about the fairs and how you can attend.  

This year we have welcomed hundreds of employers on campus to join our subject specific fairs and meet thousands of Aston students keen to join their organisation. Fairs include: Engineering, Technology and Science, Business and an event devoted specifically at placement opportunities.

To inquire about hosting a stand at one of our 2017 Careers Fairs, please contact the Employer Team.

Another option of meeting and interacting with our students on-campus is to run a skills workshop. Employer led workshops are extremely popular with our students and give them an opportunity to learn about your organisation and the kind of candidates you are looking for.

Ideally, the skills workshop should be interactive and enable the students to learn and practice the skills needed during the recruitment process. The session could be based on recruitment processes such as application forms, interview techniques, assessment centres, psychometric tests etc... whilst incorporating information about your company and the opportunities available, if you wish.

Skills Workshop sessions can be scheduled any weekday usually between the hours of 1-2pm.

To inquire about hosting a Skills Workshop, please contact the Employer Team.

Our 'Drop In' sessions provide an opportunity to meet with our students on a more informal basis; these take place in the Main Foyer area, during the busy lunchtime hours of 12-2pm.

Bring along a stand, two or three representatives (to cope with the volume of inquiries), company information and any give-aways and talk informally to our students about your graduate and/or placement opportunities.  Students are much more likely to approach you in this setting

Only one drop-in per day will be booked by us, making it an exclusive promotional opportunity for your organisation.

Drop-ins take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays each week during term time, and are charged at £150(+VAT).  We will provide you with a table and chairs in a prime location which enjoys high footfall by students and staff in the lower foyer of the main building.  As it can get busy and difficult to leave, we will provide refreshments for your team.  Full organisational support and digital promotion through various channels  is included in the cost.

Check availability and book a session, please contact the Employer Team.
We offer three lines of communication to Aston students if you wish to let them know about a forthcoming event, a recruitment opportunity with your organisation, a competition a bursary or work experience opportunity that you would like to encourage our students to apply for:

'Your Future' careers newsletter 

Our popular digital e-newsletter goes out each week (in term) to final year students and recent graduates (of up to three years). The newsletter is our main form of communication with Aston students at the most important careers decision making time of their student life.  

Our dedicated team advise students on finding the right career, carrying out educated employer research, accumulating commercial awareness, writing professional applications and being prepared for the competitive graduate recruitment process.

The newsletter contains time appropriate careers advice, access to useful careers planning tools, the latest jobs hand-picked from Aston Futures, employer activity on campus and any specific graduate opportunities or notifications you think deserve premium listing within our newsletter.

If you have a news item you wish to add to the next edition of our e-news marketing, please email a 200 word advert including any artwork to employerteam@aston.ac.uk 

Targeted Email

Targeted Emails to Aston Students

We can send targeted emails to Aston students to highlight your job opportunities, recruitment campaigns, competitions or off campus events.

Send us your email copy and include the details of your target audience (e.g. year of study, degree programme or the school of study.)The charge for this service is £100 (+VAT) per email message.  

A few helpful hints to maximise the effectiveness of your targeted email message:

  • Tailor the message to your audience - make it relevant to them
  • Tell them why you are contacting them
  • Keep it brief - students won’t want to read a long message
  • Brand it, include your company logo to raise your visual identity
  • Include your web address to allow students to find out more

To send a Targeted email please contact the Employer Team.

Our busy social media pages are an excellent way to communicate with and share your latest news with Aston students and recent graduates.

social media

We have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to ensure that we don't miss out on reaching out to our student community.

We offer a free service to all recruiters looking to raise awareness of their organisation or any current placement, graduate or work experience opportunities you may wish to publicise to Aston students. 

Please send you social media requests to careers@aston.ac.uk and we will ensure your message is distributed throughout our social media communication channels.

Aston Students' tell us that social media is their preferred form of contact with us and employers

Send social media message requests to careers@aston.ac.uk 0121 204 4757

Graduate Recruitment and Undergraduate Placement Contacts

The Employer Team can help you fill your graduate and undergraduate placement opportunities. To discuss further, please contact us on: 0121 204 5299 or email employerteam@aston.ac.uk 

Undergraduate International Placement Contacts

Our Placement Team can also help you recruit for your placement opportunity outside the UK. To discuss further, please contact us on: 0121 204 4998 or email placementsupport@aston.ac.uk 

Graduate Recruitment and Undergraduate Placement Contacts

The Employer Engagement Team can help you fill your graduate and undergraduate placement opportunities. To discuss further, please contact us on: 0121 204 5299 or email employerteam@aston.ac.uk 

Undergraduate International Placement Contacts

Our Placement Team can also help you recruit for your placement opportunity outside the UK. To discuss further, please contact us on: 0121 204 4998 or email placementsupport@aston.ac.uk