New support programme launched for Mid-Sized Businesses


The Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) is launching a 12 month programme of free events tailored to focus on the specific needs of Mid-Sized Businesses.  

The first event in the series is called: ‘Shaping the future for Mid-Sized Business investment – challenges and opportunities’ and is being held at the KPMG offices in Birmingham on Thursday 26th July. The event seeks to make sense of the complexities around investment for Mid-Sized Businesses.  An expert panel will be on hand to provide advice, guidance and share best practice to enable organisations to take a blended approach to seeking investment and strengthen their business case. 

The Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP was established 12 months ago to drive economic growth and create 100,000 private sector jobs by 2020.The Board has made significant progress over the past year around its three strategy components of ‘Business’, ‘People’ and ‘Place’ but recognises the challenges and opportunities that businesses face moving forward. 

It is estimated that there are 10,000 businesses in the UK classified as being Mid-Sized Businesseswhich have a turnover of between £25 million and £500 million. Although these companies represent just 0.2% of all businesses, they account for around 20% of private sector turnover and employment.   In order to try to help support these businesses to grow The Department for Business, Industry and Skills (BIS) has nominated the GBSLEP to deliver one of ten national ‘pathfinders’ projects, which will help shape future policy around supporting Mid-Sized Business.

The event is open to all Executive and Non-Executive leaders of Mid-Sized Businesses.

If you would like to book a place on this event or for further information on the support available for Mid-Sized Businesses, please contact the LEP Team on 0121 303 9861, gbslep@birmingham.gov.ukor visit www.gbslep.com.

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