Graduate Advantage reduces recruitment costs for small businesses


With increased calls to cut employment red tape to enable small businesses to take on more staff to reduce unemployment, Graduate Advantage (GA) an internship finding service based at Aston University, is offering a cost-saving solution.

Small businesses within the West Midlands have the opportunity to reduce the time they spend on recruitment, and can save up to £400 in Employer’s National Insurance costs through GA’s free Payroll & HR Services.

Research from the British Chambers of Commerce has revealed that of 60% of 2,000 small businesses surveyed wanted to take on more employees but legislation was stopping them from doing so.

Through GA businesses can source fresh and enthusiastic graduate talent for a short term project or role without incurring advertising and recruitment fees, as well as reducing the time they have to spend on search and selection.

One company that is benefiting from the Payroll Service is GuyKat Solutions based at Birmingham Science Park who recruited Hannah Quinton, a History graduate, on a 3 month eLearning internship. The Payroll Service supports GuyKat for the first 12 weeks of the internship by paying the intern’s salary. The employer then contributes the gross salary minus the employer National Insurance to the GA project. "Employment law is scary to small business.  It feels too risky to take new folk on.  This scheme reduces that risk, saves the business money in both recruitment costs and NI, and has allowed us give someone paid work and a genuine chance,” said Guy McEvoy, Managing Director of GuyKat.  

Clara Wilcox, Project Manager at Graduate Advantage added “The uptake on the Payroll Service has been positive and many companies are benefiting. By offering this service GA are not only encouraging economic growth but giving businesses the opportunity to gain graduate skills and expertise.”

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