West Midlands MEP visits Aston

MEP visit

Last month Anthea McIntyre MEP visited Aston University to find out more about the cutting-edge research and innovative graduate support at the University.

Anthea has been a West Midlands MEP since December 2011 and was appointed as the Conservative Employment Spokesman in January 2012.  She serves on both the Agriculture committee and the Civil Liberties, Justice & Home Affairs committee in the European Parliament. She has previously held positions as a County Councillor, Parliamentary candidate and Constituency officer.

Of particular interest to Anthea during her visit was EBRI (European Bioenergy Research Institute) which is led by Professor Andreas Hornung. Researchers at EBRI have developed an innovative Pyroformer that uses waste products to generate cost-effective heat and power and could reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels. The Pyroformer, the first of its kind in the UK, overcomes many of the problems other renewable energy solutions have generated. Tests have shown that, unlike other bioenergy technologies, the Pyroformer has no negative environmental or food security impacts. It can use multiple waste sources and therefore does not require the destruction of rainforests or the use of agricultural land for the growth of specialist bioenergy crops. Anthea is planning a visit later this month to Harper Adams University College, where the Pyroformer is currently up and running before it is permanently installed on the Aston campus later this year.

Another key area of interest for Anthea was the innovative support for graduates provided by Graduate Advantage (GA), an internship finding service based at Aston. Supported by a consortium of universities and university colleges, GA is a unique service which helps to connect West Midlands' employers and recent graduates through providing paid and unpaid internships of up to 12 months in length. The West Midlands is the only region in England to have this kind of service. Following on from the initial visit Anthea has had a further meeting with the GA manager and will continue to take an interest in these activities.

Companies wishing to find out more about EBRI’s work and how they could benefit from bioenergy can call 0121 204 3583 or email bioenergy@aston.ac.uk

If you are interested in finding out more about Graduate Advantage or setting up an internship for your company contact enquiries@graduateadvantage.co.uk or call 0121 204 4767.

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