Aston Students' Business Plan success

Business plan comp winners
Two businesses have each been awarded £1000 in the Aston University Business Plan competition. The winners have also been entered into the national Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards.

The competition asked Aston University students and recent graduates to submit their business plans for judging. There were two categories, Undergraduate and Postgraduate. The winning business plans won £1000 to put towards their businesses.

Copus Limited, run by Anthony Copson and Opubo Ngoye Igobo (Opus), both MSc Product Design graduates, was the winning business in the Postgraduate category. Copus Limited is a new product development company that has been developing a fire safety product intended to assist deaf or hard of hearing. The initial plans involve community sales to UK market but hope to expand and export their products at a later date.

Voltee, run by Simon McCann, BSc Business and Management graduate, was the winning business in the Undergraduate category. Voltee is a community marketplace to perform tasks for charity. It is already a limited company website. They believe that everyone wants to make a difference and to contribute to charitable causes so have devised this website to enable people to make a difference from the comfort of their own homes. The website allows charities to post tasks and volunteers to search for tasks based on skill requirement, time commitment and location.

Both of the winning businesses will now be entered into the national Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards. The overall winners stand to win £5000 in the Undergraduate category and £20,000 in the Postgraduate category. The winners of this will be announced at the Santander universities reception at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, later this month.

The competition attracted a high standard of entries and the judges were impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas of the winning businesses.

Anthony Copson, Copus Limited said; “I can safely say winning the Aston business competition has been a great morale boost for us, and the awarded money will be used to build the next prototype and to part-fund some market research for our product.

“As to the next stage, we are really excited just to be entered but of course, are hoping we repeat our earlier success.”

For further information contact Aston University Business Partnership Unit on 0121 204 4242 or bpu@aston.ac.uk

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