Aston University Professional Mentoring Scheme

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Would you like to share your experience with students and assist them in achieving their goals?

By matching second year undergraduate students to business professionals, the Aston University Professional Mentoring Scheme aims to help students gain insights into professional life, and to assist them in making their career choices. It also aims to support business professionals in their own development and to provide a platform in developing their network.

What does being a mentor involve?

As a mentor you will apply your knowledge, experience and skills to develop the personal and professional growth of a student (Mentee).

What commitment does being a mentor require?

Attend briefing/training session for mentors (either 2nd November or 7th November 2011).
Engage with your mentees at least an hour per month via face-to-face, telephone, email or other social media channels.
Provide, if possible, work exposure.
Attend the Awards Ceremony (25th April 2012).

Could you become a mentor?

Yes, if you have three years or more of work experience and have an interest in supporting students.

Benefits to your organisation:

Raise your business’s profile on Aston University's campus.
Training and development opportunities for your employees.
Promote Corporate Social Responsibility activities within your organisation.
Spot talent for your organisation.
Strengthen your links with Aston University.

Benefits to you:

Develop your interpersonal and mentoring skills.
Broaden your professional network by meeting mentors from other organisations.
Satisfaction of helping others to develop.

Support from Aston University:

All mentors will be supported by attending the briefing/ training session which is designed to comply with the requirements of the Mentoring Befriending Foundation. There will be on-going support from the staff of Aston University in addition to having the opportunity to network with other business professionals and attend various business events organised by Aston Business School.

If you are interested, please use the online Application Form or alternatively download a word version.

If you experience any difficulties please contact Nathalie Lam on n.lam1@aston.ac.uk or call 0121 204 3339.

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