It’s on the meter

world record
A world record attempt - in a taxi!!!

It’s on the Meter’ is an attempt by three Aston graduates to break the Guinness World Record for the longest taxi journey in history! The expedition will cover four continents, thirty-nine countries, ten time zones and over 48,000km, in an 18-year-old classic London Black Cab - aiming to raise more than £20,000 for the British Red Cross. 

Departing February 2011, the expedition will be setting off from London, travelling via Europe, Moscow, North Africa, the Middle East, India, Mongolia, China and South East Asia; with the taxi finally arriving in Sydney, Australia approximately eight months later. Along the way, the team will pick up fares including VIPs and journalists, temporary team members and, of course, locals who seem like they could use a lift! The idea is to keep the expedition as pure an adventure as possible, with no support vehicles, relying on the team’s ingenuity and negotiation skills to achieve this huge distance.

The expedition will use a combination of vehicle and t-shirt decals, online, printed and televised mediums to generate substantial publicity in the UK, Australia and worldwide. The expedition website (www.itsonthemeter.com) and social media channels will be used to create genuine word of mouth and viral interest in the expedition and its sponsors, with a focus on the youth market. Regularly updated with blogs, photos, videos and Tweets, fans will be able track the progress of the expedition. The team will also work closely with the Red Cross PR teams worldwide to ensure maximum exposure of the expedition through photographs, video and articles written for newspapers and magazines. Along with this, press releases and news stories will be distributed to local and national media at key stages of the expedition (namely departure and arrival). The team will also give interviews to radio, television, newspapers and online wherever possible and during the expedition. The team are offering a number of sponsorship and partnership opportunities to companies and organisations, including the provision of goods, services, sponsorship or donations to the British Red Cross in return for publicity.

If you or your company would like to get involved, there are multiple levels of sponsorship, and this can be achieved with a combination of monetary and equipment commitments. Please contact Paul Archer, Expedition Organiser- Sponsorship and Press, on paul@itsonthemeter.com or info@itsonthemeter.com.

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