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KTPs: key to company expansion

Aston University is helping SME FactoryMaster to expand further after it managed to break the £1 million mark for the first time in its history, despite the economic climate.

Factorymaster is a small software manufacturing firm based at Hartshill, Nuneaton. Through its popular manufacturing software, FactoryMaster have been providing manufacturing, warehousing and wholesaling solutions for over ten years. Their continued success during the recession, demonstrates that with innovation, application and hard work, it is still possible to create a thriving successful business, irrespective of company size.

Director of FactoryMaster, Darren Neary states: “Having realised it was going to be a tough economic challenge, we were determined to promote FactoryMaster as an effective solution to help other businesses not just survive, but flourish.”

Now firmly established within the UK market, FactoryMaster are successfully growing their international presence. To date, partners have been established in India, Malaysia, Turkey, Australia, USA, Hungary, Estonia, Poland and Ireland.

Two Aston University graduates are set to start at the company’s Nuneaton head office shortly, and will be assisting the company with further expansion plans. The graduates were recruited through a two year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme, and will be helping FactoryMaster grow, whilst gaining real-life work experience.

Darren Neary adds: “We remain keen to expand further still and are aiming to achieve an even larger market share in Europe and the rest of the world. The graduates from Aston University will, through the KTP scheme, help FactoryMaster gain access to academic consultancy and university resources."

KTPs aim to help businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of information, technology and skills that reside within the UK Knowledge Base. With current techniques and business method knowledge, graduates could bring new, effective ideas to help boost such a company.

Martin May
Knowledge Transfer Partnership Manager
0121 204 4253


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