How Photonics can help your business

pic of photonics fibres

Photonics is a science and technology platform based on the use of photons (particles of light), with applications including: telecommunications, data storage, optical metrology, optical imaging, bio-photonics, medical diagnostics, broadband communications, manufacturing, displays, healthcare, sensing, lighting, biosciences and many others.

Photonics is one of the fastest growing research and technology areas with direct and almost-immediate impact on the development of new industries, on advances in healthcare and on the quality of life.

Business benefits

West Midlands’ companies across many sectors can benefit from the expertise and facilities of Aston University, through business assists and knowledge-based collaborations...all free of charge!

Any West Midlands SME currently has the opportunity to access the expertise at Aston with two days of consultancy. The vast range of applications from telecommunications to welding and engraving could benefit your business, and this free consultancy can help you discover how.

  • Two days of free consultancy

  • Improve current practice of photonics technology

  • Find out how photonics could be used for the first time

  • Access world-class expertise at zero cost

Business sectors & research areas

Please click on a link to download a PDF of the different business sectors assistance is available in and the photonics technology on offer:


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