Engineering and Applied Science placements with Aston University

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The placement year is an integral part of Aston University’s degree programmes, presenting an excellent opportunity to both students and employers.

Engineering placement students can give companies the opportunity to enhance their organisation with new ideas, fresh enthusiasm and up-to-date technical skills, whilst assessing prospective employees at work in what is effectively a 12 month interview.

There is also the opportunity of developing a potentially beneficial link with Aston University by raising the company profile amongst students; who are future industry professionals.

Engineering firm ArvinMeritor have been taking placement students for over 10 years: "We have recruited students from Aston on six previous occasions. We have taken on three ex-students as graduates over the last ten years, one of them is an Aston Graduate. When looking to hire any new engineers we always give our ex-students first consideration. The placement scheme is almost treated as a one-year job interview." 

Recruitment is quick, simple and inexpensive and there are opportunities to dedicate a student to a project without long-term overheads. Aston's Engineering and Applied Science (EAS) students undertake their placement after the completion of their second year when they have already developed excellent technical knowledge, experience in group working, a variety of computer skills and very good communication skills. Employers consistently report that EAS students are enthusiastic and motivated, becoming fully-fledged team members within a surprisingly short time.

EAS comprises several subject areas brought together by a dedicated Placement Office which can advertise vacancies to EAS students for free, assist employers with the development of job descriptions, offer interview and presentation rooms and provide ongoing support. If you would like to advertise a placement vacancy with EAS then send the job description to seasplacements@aston.ac.uk or contact our Placement Officer on 0121 204 3667. 

Placement students are available in the following EAS subject areas:

  • Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Science

  • Multimedia Computing

  • Electronic Engineering

  • Communications Engineering

  • Internet Systems

  • Construction Management

  • Technology & Enterprise Management

  • Logistics & Transport Management

  • Mathematics

  • Mechanical Engineering & Design

  • Product Design

0121 204 3667

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