Aston expertise enhancing professional football scouting

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Pioneering Scout7 Limited provides scouting and recruitment management solutions to professional football clubs and national associations worldwide. Now, working in unison with Aston University, they are to take on two Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associates to expand and adapt to meet market needs, to ensure they continue to play a major role in shaping the future of professional football scouting.

The core of Scout7’s product range is PROSCOUT7, supported by a unique database of over 110,000 professional footballers from over 127 countries, incorporating details of their performance statistics, disciplinary record, medical history and transfers. Customised versions of PROSCOUT7, tailored to clubs’ specific needs, are installed in over 75% of the FA Premier League and in more than 100 others in continental Europe and the USA.

Scout7, based at Birmingham Science Park Aston, is the acknowledged world leader in its field, but with the explosion of interest in professional football around the globe, the company is being presented with a rare if not unique opportunity. To continue its growth, Scout7 must re-engineer its core product (its football database) to meet changing market expectations. Aston University’s Knowledge Engineering Research Group (KERG) have both the academic knowledge and the practical experience of partnering with commercial organisations in the development of object-oriented database structures, applications interfaces for novel access channels, and software methodologies.

Two KTP Associates will be employed to work on this exciting new project. One associate will focus on the development of “Football Data Centre” (FDC); an adaptable data resource to be encapsulated within a web-service oriented architecture. The second associate will focus on application services enabling the client to present and manipulate the data to meet their specific requirements in an integrated framework. The objectives will be the creation of software processes and a framework to deliver and maintain high quality software.

The combination of Scout7’s successful model, with the expertise that the KTP associates will offer in conjunction with Aston University, will give Scout7 the knowledge and capability to move forward in this fast-paced market.

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