Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
Aston is one of the most active universities for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) in the West Midlands. Working with Aston on a KTP can help your business innovate, compete in new markets and increase profitability. We have a strong history of working in partnership with industry and delivering successful outcomes to businesses. 

KTPs help businesses to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance by accessing the knowledge and expertise available within UK Universities and Colleges. KTPs address strategic needs in the company and identify solutions to help businesses grow. Read some of our KTP success stories here.

A KTP with Aston University can benefit a wide range of businesses across many sectors, including micro sized, small and large businesses, or public sector organisations. KTPs can vary in length from six months to three years depending on the needs of your business and the desired outcomes. Key features of the programme are: 

  • Qualified graduates for six months to three years;
  • Up to 67% funding dependent on company size;
  • Academic consultancy included;
  • Access to University resources.

Aston has a history of recruiting the highest quality Associates to work on collaborative KTP projects. The experiences that they go on to gain through applying their academic knowledge to a real-industry situation make them desirable employees for any company. 

Further information can be found at www.ktponline.org.uk

To learn more, or to make an enquiry about KTPs at Aston, please contact Martin May, KTP Manager on 0121 204 4253 or via email.

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