Business Partnership Unit

At Aston, we have a strong reputation for helping businesses to grow and improve. Researchers at Aston are working in areas that make a real difference to individuals, communities and businesses – from health and wellbeing to organisational effectiveness and engineering solutions for tomorrow. We are committed not only to generating knowledge but also to applying and transferring this knowledge to create sustainable business solutions.

We provide business growth and improvement services to many organisations each year, from innovative regional SMEs to major global players, to whom our research is critical to their success. We work with businesses to offer advice on how to attract industrial and commercial research funding, provide information about student and graduate recruitment, as well as offering specialist training through professional development programmes.

Year after year, each of our four Schools produces high quality graduates who are targeted by over 200 national and international organisations. Aston is one of the top sources of graduates for some of the world’s leading businesses.

These webpages present a snapshot of the business services that are available at Aston and provide information on how collaborating with us can help your business grow.

The Business Partnership Unit offices are located on the ground floor of the Aston University Main Building, which is marked 1 on the campus map.

To find out more contact the team on 0121 204 4242 or send an email.  


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