Martin Luther King centre
Martin Luther King centre

Multi-faith Centre

Aston's purpose-built Multi-faith Centre aims to fulfil the faith, religious and support needs of the Aston community.

The Centre serves people of all faiths and none. It has a number of tailored rooms for prayer, meetings and social gatherings

Aston's staff and student community is vibrant and multicultural and the Multi-faith Centre is an ideal place to share, celebrate and recognise our different ways of life, beliefs, attitudes to faith and religion.

Student religious societies such as the Hindu, Islamic, Christian, Jewish and Sikh Societies offer you the chance to meet and worship with other people who share your religious beliefs.

The city of Birmingham offers a wide choice of places of worship covering all major religions.


At Aston the Chaplains give confidential pastoral care to students and staff whether they hold religious beliefs or not. They provide advice on spiritual and ethical matters, and contact details of local Christian and Non-Christian religious representatives such as faith advisers and places of worship.

Visit the Chaplaincy website.


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