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Research at Aston Medical School

Studying at a university that has a strong research profile will benefit your learning experience. 

Why is it important to study at a Medical School that conducts research?

Studying at a research intensive university means that you will be learning from academics who are at the cutting-edge of their discipline. Their in-depth knowledge will incorporate the latest findings and discoveries in the area which will be advantageous to your learning.

What research is conducted at Aston Medical School. 

The Aston Medical Research Institute (AMRI) was established in 2014 and is the home of medical research at Aston University. AMRI’s mission is to create a culture of discovery based exploitable research that transforms lives, addresses local health challenges, and delivers global impact. The institute hosts a group of researchers across different disciplines to support and promote interdisciplinary research intranslational medicine. Scientific discovery demands grit in the pursuit of difficult questions to find innovative solutions. Like leadership, translational medical research requires bringing purpose, people and passion under a common vision and is a celebration of teamwork.

Since degree-awarding powers were granted to the School in 2015 the research institute have taken on a number of PhD students funded through a variety of sponsors including the British Heart Foundation. They have secured research funding from organisations such as Diabetes UK, the Marie Curie Fellowship and British Heart Foundation, and published over 60 medical papers in leading journals.

As a medical student at Aston you will be taught by, and exposed to, the internationally renowned, passionate and insightful researchers within AMRI. Your clinical education will be combined with their cutting edge research intechnologies and translational medicine (“from bench to bedside”). The specific research themes are: maternal health, cardiovascular medicine, mental health and regenerative medicine.

Where can I find out more about research at Aston Medical School?

You can discover more here.