Professor Margaret Harris

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Margaret Harris

Position: Emeritus Professor
Phone:+44(0)121 204 3257
Email: m.e.harris@aston.ac.uk

  • 1999 - Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham - Professor of Voluntary Sector Organisation, Chair of the Centre for Voluntary Action Research
  • 1987-98  London School of Economics, Department of Social Policy and Administration - Lecturer in Voluntary Sector Organisation. Concurrently Assistant Director of the Centre for Voluntary Organisation
  • 1981-87  Brunel University, Uxbridge, Institute of Organisation and Social Studies - Research Fellow in PORTVAC (Programme of Research and Training in Voluntary Action)
  • 1977-81  Citizens Advice Bureau - Trainer and Volunteer Advice Worker
  • 1969-77  Greater London Council, Central Policy Studies Unit and Research and Intelligence Unit - Professional Officer
  • 1967-69  Greater London Council, Department of the Clerk to the Council - Administrative Officer

Margaret’s research interests focus on the organisation, management and effectiveness of voluntary and community organisations (also known as ‘VCOs’, ‘third sector organisations’, ‘nonprofits’ or ‘NGOs’).  Topics of particular interest include: boards, committees and governance structures; the impact of public policy on the management of VCOs;  organisational change in the VCO sector; the organisation of religious and faith based groups and congregations; management of volunteers; bridge-building between religious and ethnic groups; collaborations and partnerships  within the voluntary sector and across the voluntary/governmental sector boundaries; and social responsibility activities linking businesses and VCOs.

The Aston Centre for Voluntary Action Research (ACVAR) was co-founded by Margaret with Ben Cairns in 2000.  It offers an innovative response to the challenges of organisation and management faced by voluntary and community organisations by conducting academically rigorous action research that generates new insights into solving complex practical problems. Since its establishment ACVAR has developed an impressive body of research concerned with national, regional and local voluntary and community sector issues.  Research findings are shared through a ‘capacity building’ programme as well as through publications of reports and guidance.
  • Margaret Harris (with B. Cairns and R Hutchinson) (2007) Sharing Gods Love or Meeting Government Goals? Local Churches and Public Policy Implementation. Policy & Politics, July 2007. 
  • Margaret Harris (with H. Schlappa) (forthcoming January 2008) Hoovering up the Money? Delivering Government Funded Capacity - Building Programmes to Voluntary and Community Organisations. Social Policy and Society.
  • Margaret Harris (with B. Cairns, R. Hutchison and M. Tricker) (2005) Improving Performance? The Adoption and Implementation of Quality Systems in UK Nonprofits. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 16 (2).
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  • Margaret Harris (2000), This Charity Business - Who Cares? Inaugural Lecture, Aston University, Birmingham.
  • Margaret Harris (1998), Organising God's Work: Challenges for Churches and Synagogues, Macmillan, London.

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