Ms Margarita Nyfoudi

Full-time doctoral student

Work & Organisational Psychology Group


BSc Business Administration, University of Macedonia, Greece.

MSc Human Resource Management & Business, Aston University, UK

Year of entry: 2010


Thesis title:

Managerial Coaching, Goal Orientation and Social Capital: an integrated framework towards performance improvement.

 Research keywords:

Coaching, line manager, goal orientation, social capital, job performance, employee competencies, managerial, executive.

Research Description:

The study elaborates on managerial coaching, in line with the shift towards more self-directed developmental interventions and the notion that workplace is, currently, the preferred locus for learning. This type of coaching is offered by the line manager of an employee - in contrast with executive coaching, which is delivered by external coaches. Although managerial coaching has been found to enable learning and ameliorate employees’ performance; the construct, only recently, has received considerable academic attention. Further, empirical support is lacking in regards with the linkages between the quality of managerial coaching and important for the organisation outcomes, such as the development of employee competencies. Thus, aim of the study is to develop and empirically test a conceptual framework, which explicitly describes the process of developing long sustained competencies through effective coaching interventions within the workplace. Effectiveness is influenced by diverse factors and, in an attempt to produce a holistic model, contentions drawn from empirical and conceptual studies are integrated into the study’s framework.  In addition, discussion is made regarding the coach’s key skills, while the significance of the relationship between the coach and the coachee is highlighted. The study proposes the adoption of a longitudinal study and the use of multisource data. It contributes to the development of the field academically, by producing and empirically testing an integrated framework and also, it adds value to practice by offering a tangible and robust model for HR practitioners.

 Supervisors: Dr Helen Shipton; Dr Nicholas Theodorakopoulos; Prof Pawan Budhwar 

Membership of professional societies:

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

Verified Assessor (BPS Level A and B Qualifications in Occupational Testing)

Other relevant information:

Aston Certificate in Learning and Teaching - Portfolio due for submission January 2012

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research