Miss Sophie Min Wen Chang

Miss Sophie Min Wen Chang
Miss Sophie Min Wen Chang

Full-time doctoral student

Work & Organisational Psychology Group

Educational background

  • 1996-2001 Providence University, Taiwan
    • BA in Business Administration
    • BSc in Food Nutrition and Science
    • Teaching Certificate of intermediate education
  • 2001-2002 University of Reading, UK
    • MSc in International Management
  • 2002 October Onward Aston University, UK
    • PhD in Management, Work and Organizational Psychology Group

Research Interests

My Broad research interest is how culture influences perceptions of management practices across different cultural contexts.

Specific research interests

  • Cross-cultural Psychology / Cross Cultural Management
  • Indigenized Psychology and Chiense Psychology
  • Chinese Family Business
  • Multinational Enterprises (MNEs)
  • Innovation / R&D in Different Cultural Contexts

Doctoral Research Project

My doctoral research project, which is supervised by Dr. Michale Grojean, is aiming to identify and develop a Chinese Team Innovation Model. The rationale is that since traditional Chinese Cultural Values have certain impacts on how management practices being carried out in the Chinese societies such as Taiwan; similarly, these cultural values may affect or moderate the innovation processes. We know that people in different cultural contexts feel and experience things differently under the influence of culture. It is likely the way people carry out innovation may be influenced by culture as well. The existing literature of innovation can be categorized into two main perspectives toward innovation namely Western and Japanese approach. Under the trend of globalisation and internationalisation, organizations nowadays have more choice in terms of disperse their innovation or R&D activities across national borders. By looking at how innovations are done in Chinese contexts, I hope to provide a theoretical overview on how Chinese cultural traits affect innovation processes within Chinese contexts.


I am currently teaching Foundation of Management (BS1131) tutorials and Foundation of Management 2: Business Game (BS2225) tutorials in academic year 2005/2006.

Working Experiences

1998-2001, Taiwan

Working as private tutor teaching English and Biology in Taiwan (part-time).

2003 July Onward, UK

Working for Aston University Residence Service as a Postgraduate Rota Member (Part-time).

2005 January Onward, UK

Working as a tutor, I teach Foundation of Management2: Business Game tutorials (2 nd year undergraduate course, BS2225).

Conference Attandance

I attended and presented a poster in International Congress of Psychology( ICP), August 2004. The title of my presentation is Are you innovative enough?: Independent self, Interdependent self and Team innovation.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research