Miss Jennifer Surtees

Full-time doctoral student

Work & Organisational Psychology Group

Current Research:

Currently I am researching for a PhD in Management which is funded by an ESRC studentship through EREBUS.

The focus is on inter-organisational project working groups between the NHS and medical technology SMEs which act as a vehicle for innovation and provide innovation links between the two organisations. This type of organisational boundary spanning working group remains relatively unresearched and the factors affecting the effectiveness of these projects must still be established. These inter-organisational projects are of particular interest as innovation within the NHS has been signposted as an important focus and improved effectiveness of innovation has been established as a priority for the Department of Health (National Innovation and Procurement Plan, 2009). Additionally, in the current economic climate SMEs producing medical devices must be innovative in order to enter the market place, differentiate themselves and compete for NHS sales (Smith, 2006; Roberts, 1988; Shaw, 1986).

This research will examine the antecedents and behaviours of the inter-organisational project working group which ultimately affect the innovative outcomes and therefore the effectiveness of the inter-organisational teams (i.e. Blindenbach-Driessen & Van den Ende, 2006).

It is hoped that by using preliminary observations, team measures which already exist for use with teams within the organisational boundary can be adapted to be more applicable to the innovative inter-organisational project working group setting. The research takes a mixed method approach, using both questionnaires and interviews in order to ensure that data is rich. The measures will be administered by way of a questionnaire and both quantitative and qualitative analysis will be conducted on these results in order to identify the key factors affecting inter-organisational innovation project effectiveness. The final part of the research entails case study analysis, whereby particularly effective teams and noticeably ineffective teams will be investigated in more detail using qualitative interviewing and observation.

This research will have wide practical application for NHS and SME partnerships, providing the NHS and SMEs with an insight into how these interorganisational projects work best and how they must be managed, as well as having an application for inter-organisational projects in private and public business contexts. Additionally, the inter-organisational project working group context will be established in the literature as a result of the research with a view to providing a direction for future research.


Currently studying PhD in Management through ESRC studentship award.

2010 MSc Human Resource Management and Business, Aston Business School

2008 BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Birmingham

Professional Qualifications and Memberships:

Beta Gamma Sigma Membership

British Psychological Society Membership

            Level A, B and BPlus Psychometric Testing

CIPD Graduate Membership

British Academy of Management Membership


LT3306 Human Resource Management (Engineering Systems and Management, EAS)

EM4002 Strategic Management

Selected Conference Papers:

Knight, L., Shipton, H., & Surtees, J. R. L. (2010). Learning to innovate: Network and organizational learning in the healthcare technology sector. International Human Resource Management Conference, Aston University, Birmingham. 9th -12th June.

Surtees, J. R. L., Knight, L., & Shipton, H. (2011). Evaluating interorganizational innovation teams in the healthcare technology sector. British Academy of Management Conference, Aston University, Birmingham. 13th – 15th September.

 Research Interests:

I am interested in Human Resource Management and Work and Organisational Psychology. I am particularly interested in the areas of team work, innovation and motivation, in the contexts of health-care and small to medium enterprises. 


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research