Dr Alison Legood

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Alison Legood
Alison is a Chartered Psychologist and Lecturer in Work and Organisational Psychology at Aston Business School. She is module leader for two undergraduate modules, Psychology and Work and Theories and Practice of Leadership. Prior to joining Aston Business School Alison held a Post-Doctoral Research position at the Centre for Trust and Ethical Behaviour (CETEB). Alison is part of the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP) Working Group on Board Effectiveness and is currently Co-Track Chair of the Organisational Psychology Track for the British Academy of Management. 

Position: Lecturer
Phone: +44(0)121 204 3270
Email: a.legood2@aston.ac.uk
Room: SW8018

  • PhD in Business and Management, Aston University (2013)
  • Diploma, Learning and teaching certificate (2012)
  • MSc, Level A and B Qualifications in Occupational Testing (British Psychological Society, 2008)
  • MSc, Occupational Psychology with Distinction, Cardiff University (2008)  
  • BSc Psychology, Cardiff University (2004)
  • Lecturer – Aston Business School. (2014 - Present)
  • Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Centre for Trust and Ethical Behaviour (CETEB), Coventry University. (March 2013 - July 2014)

  • BH3319, Theory and Practice of Leadership

  • Bh2239/3328, Psychology and Work

  • BN2225, FOM2/2 Business Game

  • BS2232, Business Policy

  • Interpersonal and organisational trust

  • Trust-building behaviour

  • Leadership and social exchange

  • Authentic Leadership and Behavioural Integrity

  • Legood, A., McGrath, M., & Searle, R. Trust and well-being in a social services context –Pump priming (2013) - £4785, successful
  • Searle,R.H., A. Nienaber, A.,Legood, A., Weibel, D. Den Hartog : Restoring trust in the public sector – 8 organisation study including health and emergency context, CIPD funded, £3168, successful 
  • Ana Radulovic (2012 - ).The effects of forgiveness dynamics on Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) relationship and its outcomes.  Associate supervisor with Dr Geoff Thomas and Dr Olga Epitropaki
  • Matt Jones (2013 - ) Trust and Ethical Leadership: A multi-level analysis.  Associate supervisor with Professors Ros Searle and Marylyn Carrigan and Dr Ann-Marie Nienaber, Coventry University.
  • Member, Academy of Management. (July 2014 - Present)

  • Member, British Academy of Management. (May 2013 - Present)

  • Member, European Group of Organisational Studies. (May 2013 - Present)

  • Member, Division of Occupational Psychology, British Psychological Society. (April 2013 - Present)

  • Member, European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology. (May 2011 - Present)

Book Chapters

  • Thomas, G., Legood, A., & Lee, A. (2010).  Mind-reading accuracy. In J. Smith, W. Ickes & J. Hall (Ed.) Managing interpersonal sensitivity: Knowing when an when not to understand others. New Science Publishers 
  • Legood, A., Lee, A. (in press). Why, when and how motivation helps emphatic accuracy. Managing Interpersonal Sensitivity. New York: Nova Publishers.

Conference papers

  • Legood, A., van der Werff, L, Weibel, A & Buckley, F. To Trust or not to Trust: Exploring the Motivations Underlying Leader-Follower Trust Decisions. First International Network on Trust (FINT), Coventry, November 2014        
  • Lyubovnikova, J., Legood, A & Lee, A. Trust but verify: The perils of intrateam trust for the performance of short-lived teams. A moderated mediation examination. British Academy of Management (BAM), Belfast, September 2014.        
  • Searle, R, Weibel, A, Nienaber, A, Legood, A & den Hartog, D. Exploring Distrust - A Study in the Current Turmoil of the British Public Sector. Paper presented at the Academy of Management (AOM) Conference, Philadelphia, August 2014.        
  • Lybovnikova, J. & Legood, A. Authentic leadership and team performance: The mediating role of reflexivity. Paper presented at the Academy of Management (AOM) Conference, Philadelphia, August 2014.        
  • Legood A., Thomas, G. & Spears, R. Effective leadership in depersonalised teams; the role of circumscribed depersonalisation. British Academy of Management (BAM), Liverpool, September 2013.        
  • Legood, A., Thomas, G. & Searle, R. Determining organisational trust; the role of organisational structure and managerial trustworthy behaviour. European Group of Organisational Studies (EGOS), Montreal, July 2013.        
  • Searle, R. & Legood, A.  Applicant attraction and organisational trust: The role of trust. European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology (EAWOP), Munster, May 2013.  

Practitioner Publications

  • Searle, R, H, Legood, A, & Teoh, K. Trust Boards and Governace: Composition and Behavioural Styles. Occupational Psychology in Public Practice (OPIPP) report. 
  • Co-track Chair for the British Academy of Management (BAM) Organisational Psychology Special Interest Group 
  • Member, DoP Board Effectiveness Working Group 
  • Representative for Occupational Psychology in Public Policy (OPIPP)

Development Activities Attended

  • "Diploma, Learning and teaching certificate." (March 2012 - Present)

  • Associate, "Associate Higher Education Academy," Higher Education Academy. (March 2012 - Present)

  • Continuing Education Program, "Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice in HE," Aston University. (February 2012)

  • Verified Assessor BPS Level A Qualifications in Occupational Testing.

  • Verified Assessor BPS Level B Qualifications in Occupational Testing.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research