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Carole Parkes

Carole Parkes is Director of Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Aston Business School. Since 2007, Carole has been key driver for Aston’s early and active involvement with the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education - (UNPRME) that aim to be a driver for change the education of future business leaders in creating an inclusive and sustainable global economy. This has included leading curriculum change across the Business School & University. She has developed and leads an MSc in Social Responsibility & Sustainability.

Carole regularly speaks and participates on Responsibility and Sustainability, including AACSB Sustainability Conference, UN PRME Forums in New York, and the Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen. In June 2009 Aston hosted UK Universities event for the UN PRME supported by the British Academy of Management, the Association of Business Schools and AMBA.

In June 2012, Carole was a Discussion Leader at the PRME Global Forum at Rio+20 Earth Summit, contributed a case study on Aston for the ‘Inspirational Guide for Integrating Sustainability’ and co authored the Report on Fighting Poverty as a Challenge for Management Education. She has recently been appointed as the visiting Christopher Chair in Business Ethics for the Dominican University of Chicago USA 2012/13 to work with faculty on developing Responsible Management Education. Locally, Carole works with a range of community groups. She has published widely in Ethics, CSR & HRM and her research interests are in Ethics, CSR, Human Rights, Poverty and HRM.

In July 2012, Carole had an article published in the New Statesman, titled 'to change the banks, we must first change the business schools.'

Position: Director Social Responsibility and Sustainability
+44(0)121 204 3195
Email: c.l.parkes@aston.ac.uk
Room: SW8016
  • PhD studies  *current                                                                                        
  • MSc Organisational Psychology (1996)
  • Graduate (CIPD) Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (1981)
  • P.G Certificate in Labour Law & Relations (1983)

Academic Positions:

  • Director, Social Responsibility & Sustainability Aston Business School. (2008 - Present)
  • Christopher Chair Business Ethics (visiting), Dominican University, Chicago, USA (2012 - 2013)
  • Teaching Fellow and Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Aston Business School. (2001 - 2008)
  • Head of Dept, Human Resources University of Wolverhampton. (1999 - 2001)
  • Senior Lecturer (HRM), University of Wolverhampton. (1989 - 1998)

Professional Positions: 

  • Management Development Consultant, Dudley Health Authority.  (1986 - 1989)
  • Commissioning HR Manager, Russells Hall Hospital. (1985 - 1986)
  • HR Manager, J.Sainsbury plc. (1983 - 1985)
  • Personnel & HR roles in Birmingham Health Authorities. (1978 - 1983)           

Aston Business School:

  • MSc Social Responsibility & Sustainability Course Director & module leader
  • BHM301 Business Ethics Responsibility & Human Rights
  • MBA BHM 305, Business, Ethics & Responsibility & Sustainability
  • MSc HRM & Business Course Director
  • MSc BHM 510, Strategic Human Resource Management & Performance
  • UG BH 3303, Contemporary Issues in HRM
  • UG BH 1109, International Perspectives in Organisations
  • UG BS 2246   Business, Government and Society
  • MSc European Masters EM Lyon HRM module
  • Goldman Sachs SME programme

  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy. (HEA)                                            
  • Fellow, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.                        
  • British Psychological Society Level A & B Certified Psychometric Tester

Published Intellectual Contributions

  • Parkes, C., Borland, H. (2012) Strategies for Ecological Sustainability: "Strategic HRM: Transforming its Responsibilities towards Ecological Sustainability (the greatest global challenge facing organizations) Thunderbird International Business Review (forthcoming)
  • Parkes, C. & Blewitt, J. (2011) “Ignorance was bliss, now I’m not ignorant and that is far more difficult”  Trans-disciplinary learning and reflexivity in responsible Management Education Journal of Global Responsibility Vol. 2 No. 2, 2011 pp.206-221
  • Parkes, C.L., Scully, J.W. & Anson, S. (2010) CSR & the ‘Undeserving’: A Role for The State, Civil Society & Business? International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, CSR Special Issue Vol. 30 No. 11/12, 2010 pp. 697-708
  • Parkes, C.L., Scully, J.W., West, M.A., Dawson, J.F. (2007) "High commitment' strategies: it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it" Employee Relations Journal vol 29 Issue 4 (August).
  • Woldu, H., Budhwar, P. and Parkes, C. (2006) A Cross-National Comparison of Cultural Value Orientations of Indian, Polish, Russian and American Employees. International Journal of Human Resource Management 17(6) pp.1076-1094.
  • Wegge, J., Schmidt K-H, Parkes, C. & van Dick, R., (2006)  ‘Taking a sickie’ Job Satisfaction and Job Involvement as Interactive Predictors of Absenteeism. Journal of Organisational & Occupational Psychology 197 (00) 1-14.
  • Shipton, H., West, M.A., Parkes, C.L., Dawson, J.F., Patterson, M.G. (2006) When promoting positive feelings pays: Aggregate job satisfaction, work design features and innovation in manufacturing organisations. European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology. 1-27
  • Worrall, L., Parkes, C.L. & Cooper, C. (2004) The impact of organizational   change on the perceptions of UK managers.  European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology. 13 (2) pp 139-163. 

Book Chapters

  • Parkes, C. (2012 ‘Inspirational Guide for the Implementation of PRME: Placing sustainability at the heart of management education. Responsibility, reflexivity and trans-disciplinarity in business management - reforming the curriculum and the organisation! United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education.
  • Parkes, C. (2012) The OD role of HRM in Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability in People and Organisational Development London: CIPD Publishing.
  • Parkes, C. (2008). Corporate responsibility, ethics and strategic HRM. Strategic Human Resource Management. Building Research-Based Practice. London: CIPD Publishing.

Professional Journals/ Newspapers

  • Parkes, C. (2012) ‘To change the banks, we must first change the business schools’
    New Statesman, July 18 2012.
  • Parkes, C. (2012) ‘State sell offs and responsible capitalism’
    The Guardian March 08 2012.
  • Parkes, C. (2008). 'Angel grants employees their wish for time off in return for high performance': new breed of incentives based on what staff really want from employers. Human Resource Management, International Digest, 16(4).
  • Parkes C. (2005) Thrive through Corporate Social Responsibility- 'Business Means Morality'.  Birmingham Post 16th August 2005.  
  • Shipton, H., West, M., Parkes, C., Dawson, J. (2004). Is a Happy Workforce the   Key to Unlocking Organizational Innovation? People Management.

Intellectual Contributions in Submission

Journal Articles

  • Cooper, S., Parkes, C. & Blewitt, J. (submitted) Can accreditation help a leopard change its spots? Social accountability and stakeholder engagement in Business Schools. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
  • Parkes, C., Davis, A.  (submitted) HR, ethics and social responsibility - The 'courage to challenge' or a case of the 'bystander effect’? International Journal of Human Resource Management

Presentations Given

  • Parkes, C. (Co author & presenter with A. Rosenbloom & M. Gudic) Report on Fighting Poverty as a Challenge for Management Education UN PRME Global Forum & Corporate Sustainability Forum Rio+20 Earth Summit. (June 2012)
  • 'Responsible Management Education’ Changing the curriculum (and the organisation!)ISIBS International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Nottingham University Business School (October 2011)
  • Parkes, C. (Author and Presenter) Lancaster Sustainability & Responsibility Plus Network (November 2010) Responsible Management Education & ‘Giving Voice to Values’
  • Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), AACSB Sustainability Conference, "Responsible management education from across the pond: Innovations and experiences in UK business schools." (June 20, 2010 - June 22, 2010)
  • Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), International HRM Conference, "HRM, ethics and social responsibility, The 'courage to challenge' or a case of the 'bystander effect’?" Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham. (June 9, 2010 - June 12, 2010)
  • Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), International HRM Conference, "Sustainability and HRM - Does HRM have a role in changing the world?" Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham. (June 9, 2010 - June 12, 2010)
  • Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), UNPRME, EBEN (European Business Ethics Network). (April 2010)
  • Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), UNPRME, Stirling University, Scottish Universities UNPRME, UK. (April 2010)
  • Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), 14th European Business Ethics Network UK Conference, "Principles of responsible management education (PRME), UK experiences, 'ethics in crisis'," London. (April 7, 2010 - April 9, 2010)
  • Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), UN Conference on Climate Change (COP15) UNPRME/CBS International Conference on Responsible Management Education: Sustainable Leadership in the era of Climate Change, "Engaging Different Communities with Sustainability? Moving Beyond Intention into Action," Copenhagen. (November 23, 2009 - November 24, 2009)
  • Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), Where is Business Ethics? 13th European Business Ethics Network UK Conference, "Business ethics and CSR - the role of Business Schools," Bristol. (April 6, 2009 - April 8, 2009)
  • Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), CIPD Centres Conference, "Carpe diem - HRM led CSR," Nottingham. (June 26, 2008)
  • Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), European Association of Business in Society (EABIS), "Human rights for human resources: Towards an ethical framework for employers," Barcelona. (September 20, 2007 - September 21, 2007)
  • Parkes, C., Scully, J. (Author & Presenter), West, M. A., Dawson, J., Proceedings CIPD Professional Standards Conference, "High commitment strategies: it ain?t what you do, it?s the way that you do it," Keele University. (June 2006)
  • Parkes, C., Budhwar, P. (Author & Presenter), Al-Hamadi, A. B., Proceedings 21st Workshop on Strategic HRM European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), "Ethical beliefs and HRM in Oman," Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham. (March 30, 2006 - March 31, 2006)
  • Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), International Ethics Conference Real World Real People, "Downsizing in the nuclear industry.  Do lifetime partnership agreements provide an ethical solution?," University of Surrey. (September 2004)
  • Shipton, H., Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), West, M. A., Dawson, J., Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) Professional Standards Conference, "Is a Happy Workforce the   Key to Unlocking Organizational Innovation?  Considerations for Human Resource Management Practitioners," Keele University. (June 2004)
  • Shipton, H., Parkes, C. (Author & Presenter), EAWOP European Association of Work & Organizational Psychology, "Job satisfaction and innovation.  The implications for HRM," Lisbon. (May 2003)

Community Roles

  • Member and now Director, Birmingham Centre Business Ethics  (BCBE)  (2001 – Present)
  • Management Council - Churches & Industry Group Birmingham. (CIGB)  (2006 – Present)
  • Co organiser & host Human Trafficking Film Event with ‘Unchosen’ (Feb  2012)
  • Co organiser & host - West Midlands Business Critical CSR Summit (April 2012)
  • Steering Group – ‘Be Birmingham’ Social Inclusion Process (Jan 2012 – Present) (Inclusive Economic Growth)

Awards, Honors and Esteem

  • Outstanding Performance in Business & Community Engagement Award Aston University (2012)
  • Discussion Leader at the PRME Global Forum at Rio+20 Earth Summit,
  • United Nations Global Compact PRME (Principles of Responsible Management Education)
  • Member of PRME Global Forum Dec 2008, June 2010 & June 2012
  • Co organiser & host UK Universities UNPRME Events Aston June 2009 & July 2010
  • Hosted Roundtable for Commission for Equality & Human Rights in Business Curriculum (2010)
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, Aston University. (2004)
  • Excellence in Teaching Award, Aston University. (2003)

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research