Professor Tim Baines (PhD, MSc C.Eng FIMechE FIET)

Operations and Information Management Group

Tim Baines
Professor Tim Baines leads Aston’s research on servitization.  He is an international authority on servitization, and works extensively with manufacturers to transformation their operations to compete through Product-Service Systems (PSS).  Aston hosts a variety of programmes on servitization including: Exploiting Servitization in West Midlands SMEs (ERDF), and Gamification for Servitization (EPSRC).  Aston is also the centre of excellence for servitization within the new Manufacturing Advisory Service.  Further information about our work on servitization can be found at www.aston.ac.uk/servitization.

Professor Baines has published over 200 papers across the disciplines of management and engineering, and is amongst the most frequently-cited authors on servitization and Product-Service Systems.  He has experience of a wide range of industrial engineering, technology management, and manufacturing management disciplines, and works with the leading companies in his field including Rolls-Royce, Caterpillar, Alstom, MAN and Xerox.  His career started with a technician apprenticeship, and has progressed through a variety of industrial and academic positions, including that of Visiting Scholar within the Centre for Technology, Policy and Industrial Development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of both the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Institution of Engineers and Technologists.

Position: Professor
Role: Head of Group
Phone: +44 (0)121 204 3051
Email:  t.baines@aston.ac.uk 
Room: ABS279

An introduction to Prof Tim Baines, as he talks about his world-leading research work.
Should manufacturers adopt a service-led competitive strategy? A 2011 lecture by Prof Tim Baines.
  • PhD in Modelling in the formulation of a manufacturing strategy, Cranfield University 1990-1994
  • MSc in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Cranfield University 1985-1987
  • Earlier education was carried out as part of technician apprenticeship training.  
  • The Head of Operations and Information Management Group
  • MBA, Operations Management module BNM899

  • Operations strategy formulation and implementation; in particular the development and deployment of processes for the alignment of operations practices and policies with a company’s competitive strategy.
  • Product-Service Systems and Servitization; in particular understanding the operations practices and technologies that leading manufacturers exploit to deliver high-value services.


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Exploiting Servitization in West Midlands SMEs

This project, funded by the West Midlands European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), works with manufacturers in the West Midlands that have between 10 and 250 employees, to support and enable them to adopt a services-led business strategy. Manufacturing businesses can access a transformational workshop programme and ongoing industry-led support to help them learn about servitization and overcome barriers to implementing it.

For more information, please contact Eleanor Musson on 0121 204 3580 or e.musson@aston.ac.uk 

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