Patrick Keen

Operations and Information Management Group

Patrick Keen

Patrick joined Aston University in July 2012 after many years working at senior levels in public policy and programme management, which included:

  • Leading on manufacturing, innovation and procurement policy for the 9 English Regional Development Agencies
  • Working for and with the UK Central Government to lead and develop its National Manufacturing Advisory Service
  • Supporting the EU membership-preparations of Central and Eastern European countries, for the European Commission and the EU Delegation in Bucharest
  • Leading the performance management systems of the South East England Development Agency
  • Consultancy for the public and private sector

At Aston Business School, Patrick focuses on applied research and teaching in advanced service operations management: the ‘servitization’ of manufacturing. These technology-led service strategies offer huge potential for companies to retain and grow markets and profits, and become more resilient and environmentally friendly. However, there are many challenges to overcome.

Patrick works closely with industry and wider partners, as well as a wider team in the Operations and Information Management Group, developing and sharing knowledge that will extend and improve the opportunity for businesses and governments to benefit from this new leading business paradigm.

Position: Teaching Fellow
Tel:  0121 204 3367
Room:  ABS265
Master of Science – ‘Science, Technology & Industrialisation’, University of Sussex (Science Policy Research Unit), 1992

Postgraduate (MBA):

  • BNM 746 - Technology-Led Service Strategy
  • BNM 747 – Transforming to Technology-Led Services
  • BNM 879 – Operations Management (online)


  • BN 3370 – Effective Management Consultancy
  • BN 2284 – Total Quality Management
  • BN 2225 – Business game

Building on years of applied research to identify and promote the uptake of emerging new competitive technologies and practices in business, Patrick's work on ‘servitization’ (in close partnership with Professor Tim Baines) is focused on the needs of business and Government:

  • What constitutes best practice in different contexts?
  • How is it spreading across sectors and countries?
  • What are the key challenges facing businesses implementing technology-led service strategies, and how can these be overcome?

Patrick is actively looking for and supporting industry and wider partnership in these studies as a core part of his role.

Patrick helped secure £700k of European Regional Development funding for a project recently launched to promote the servitization of West Midlands Manufacturers (2012-2015) and is currently supporting multi-million pound bids for funding from RGF and EPSRC for further work development and diffusion of servitization. He is also actively collaborating in research with a large multinational.

Patrick is not available to supervise PhD students, though happy to collaborate where there are shared interests!

Much of Patricks work has been applied and resulted in reports and strategies either ‘owned’ by public bodies, or not in the public domain, his most recently completed work was an evaluation of the Business (Resource) Efficiency Programmes operated by Scottish Enterprise (2012).

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