Ms Sara McCracken

Doctoral Student

Operations and Information Management Group


  • B.Sc. Economics & Computer Science, University of Sunderland, UK.
  • MBA, Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK

Research Interests

  • Technology in Healthcare
  • Health Informatics
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • International Capital and Organisational Learning
  • Business Processes

Current Research Title

A Knowledge Management Perspective on the development of an Electronic Patient Record within an NHS Hospital.

Research Description

The vision for the future of healthcare is based around a patient centric approach to service design with the provision of technology supporting this.  Recent trends within government strategies for health signal a need to infuse knowledge into basic service in order to provide 'patient centred' care.  An Electronic Patient Record (EPR) is being developed by many healthcare organisations in the UK National Health Service (NHS).  An EPR system can be classed as a type of Knowledge Management system that is a technological tool developed to support the process of knowledge management.  The aim of this research is to use the concept of the Business Process route to implementing knowledge management as a theoretical lens, to analyse and explore the development, execution and implementation of a knowledge management system, i.e. the EPR system within an NHS hospital.

Research Keywords

Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Systems, Health, Hospitals, Business Processes.


Prof John Edwards  (OIM Department and Executive Dean)

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research