Mr Martin Kotula

Martin Kotula

Executive DBA Programme

Project duration: 2008 - present (expected completion date: 2012)


Dr William Ho

Research Project

"Development of a Risk-based Strategic Sourcing Framework within the Construction and Manufacturing Industries."

The research aim is to shed more light into the strategic sourcing practice by considering recent developments in academia, economy and practice. The focal point is the identification of current research state, recent trends, and success factors in strategic sourcing considering risk management.

The core is to identify success factors between the electronics manufacturing and construction industries. Specifically, the increasing risks lead to supply chain disruptions, which should be an integral part of strategic sourcing. Therefore, recent risks may have had significant impacts to companies. The leading research question is therefore, how companies apply strategic sourcing and consider risks.

This study involves 20 case studies being based on purposive sampling to examine the current state and application of strategic sourcing as well as risk management in the electronics manufacturing and construction industries. The research project is designed to apply a qualitative case-study methodology with semi-structured interviews. The study will consider two countries: United Kingdom and Germany. The goal is analyse cross-cases / cross-industries and to evaluate success factors between companies and their applied strategic sourcing methods. The research findings could improve company's effectiveness and could enable a sustainable impact to the sourcing functions.

The research project is non-sponsored, employer dependent, and in accordance with the Ethics Guidelines.

Areas of Interest:

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Supplier Selection and Decision Making

  • Strategic Sourcing Finance (Hedging Strategies, Finance Instruments)


Martin Kotula holds a Masters in Business Administration Degree from the University of Bradford.  Further, Martin Kotula was awarded the Postgraduate Certificate in Business Research and Consultancy from Aston University. He started the Executive DBA Programme in October 2008 and lives in Germany. Martin works as a management consultant and is specialised in the sourcing and procurement area. Before moving into the consulting business, he worked for many years in the corporate supply management function of a large enterprise in the manufacturing industry.

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