Mr Bashar Ababneh

Full-time Doctoral student

Operations & Information Management Group




Academic group affiliation:

Operations and Information Management

Year of entry:


Thesis title:

Achieving Success by Overcoming Failure in Knowledge Management Systems.

Research keywords:

Knowledge Management Systems, failure consequences, systems failure approach, multi-case study.

Research Description:

My current research interest is triggered by continuous flows of reports indicating a high failure rates in Knowledge Management Systems (KMS). Surprisingly most of the published work relates to understanding the causes and descriptions, although I argue that there is no general distinction in literature between KMS failure causes and descriptions. However, I am particularly investigating how failure moulds later possible organisational consequences.

Despite the importance of comprehending KMS failure consequences, it has been undermined by researchers and practitioners alike, partially because the general interest in failure stems from risk management like-minded attitude that aims to identify pre-conditions to KMS failure in order to avoid it. While this has not helped in reducing the reported high rates of failure, different approach is needed to deal with inevitable disappointments. To draw an analogy, a vaccine approach (identifying critical failure factors to be avoided) has not helped guard against KM setbacks; hence, healing medication (dealing with current challenges) is needed to cure effects of setbacks.

To this end, one crucial facet of this research is the development of methodology to approach KMS troubling situations. A fruitful advancement that I have made in this direction was published in the European Conference on Knowledge Management’07 as I have used a systems approach, originally developed from a pool of hard and soft methods. I hope to make further refinements on this methodology to better suit KMS and promote it as a user friendly tool to help counter the effects of the widely reported organisations’ failures.                       


John S. Edwards, Matthew Hall

Teaching responsibilities:

IT for business, databases, world wide IT management

Conferences and other presentations:

• “Systems Failure Approach for Knowledge Management” in European conference on Knowledge Management, Barcelona - Spain, Sep, 2007.

• “Knowledge Management Systems: Towards a failure theory” in I-Know’07, The International Conference on Knowledge Management, Graz - Austria, Sep, 2007.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research