Dr Roya Gholami

Operations & Information Management Group

Dr Roya Gholami
Role: Senior Lecturer
Email: r.gholami@aston.ac.uk
Phone:+44(0)121 204 3103
Room: ABS272
  • Postgraduate Professional Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (20 credits), 2009
    Aston University, Birmingham, UK

  • Ph.D. Management Information Systems, 2006
    National University of Singapore

  • B.Sc. Applied Mathematics in Computer Science, 1992-1997
    Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Tehran

Academic Experience

  • Carnegie Mellon University, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Visiting Professor in Information Systems, January 2015- May 2015
  • Operations and Information Management Group, Aston Business School,
    Senior Lecturer, June 2011- Present, 
    Course Director for the “Business Research and Consultancy” Program
  • Operations and Information Management Group, Aston Business School,
    Lecturer, 2006 - May 2011
  • Operations and Information Management Group, Aston Business School,
    Research Fellow, November 2005 - 2006
  • National University of Singapore, Research Scholar, 2001-2005

Industrial Experience

  • Training and Research Center, Red Crescent Society of Iran, 1998-2001. 
  • Oil Industries’Engineering & Construction, Tehran, 2000-2001. 
  • Malleable Company, Auto Industry, Tehran, 1997-1998.


  • BN2228, Systems Analysis 
  • BN2229, Systems Analysis Project 
  • BN2231: Decision Support Systems 


  • BNM263: Applied Research Methods 
  • BNM830: Multi - Organizational Enterprises and Enterprise Systems

  • BNM814: Green Information and Operations Management

  • BNM806 : Information Systems Management

  • IT Value (Economic, Environmental, Societal) 

  • Healthcare Information Systems

  • IT Adoption and Diffusion

  • 2014 Visiting Associate Professor of Information Systems, Carnegie Mellon University, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, January to May 2015, $60,000.

  • 2013 Visiting Scholars Scheme, Behavior Change Support Systems/Persuasive Technology in the context of Environmental Sustainability/Healthcare, Harri Oinas-Kukkonen (University of Oulu, Finland) £1,140, Aston Business School, internal staff development award.
  • 2012 Visiting Scholars Scheme, IT for Environmental Sustainability, Alemayehu Molla (RMIT, Australia) £1,450. Aston Business School, internal staff development award.
  • 2011 Visiting Scholars Scheme, IT value in Healthcare, Rajiv Kohli (Mason School of Business, US) £2,000. Aston Business School, internal staff development award.
  • 2010 CSI Sandpit for funding the proposal, Using Semantic Technologies in Encouraging Green Behavior, £15,000 (co-investigator).
  • 2010 Visiting Scholars Scheme, Hospital Performance: Almas Heshmati (Korea University, South Korea) £1,590. Aston Business School, internal staff development award.
  • 2009 CSI Sandpit for funding the proposal "Engaging different communities with sustainability”, £14,500 (co-investigator).
  • British Academy Small Grant on “International ICT Spillovers”, £7,500.
  • National University of Singapore Postgraduate Research Scholarship, 2001-2005 (Fully Funded PhD, 2001-2005).
  • Conference Grant, WIDER conference on sharing Global Prosperity, World Institute for Development Economic Research, 2003, £1,700 


  • Nicola Redi, Innovation, networking and globalization: how should Italian industrial clusters access radical innovation on global scale? Successfully completed, December 2013 (with Leonidas Anastasakis).
  • Sabah Al Somali, Electronic Commerce Adoption in Small and Medium Enterprises, PhD, Successfully completed, May 2011 (with Ben Clegg).
  • Elkaterina Thomas, Technology Improvements and Innovation in the Forestry Products Sectors in Russia, PhD, Successfully completed, February 2011 (with Kirit Vaidya).
  • Ismat Rahman, Embeddedness of environment-friendly Information Technology (IT) in supply chain: Evidence from Bangladeshi large companies (with Prasanta Dey).
  • Hee Rui He, Towards Understanding IT Value Co-creation in Crowdsourcing: the Multiple Stakeholders’ Perspective (with Julia Kotlarsky).
  • Pawat Kalpravidh, Using Mobile Application Technologies to Increase Sales and Brand Recognition in Thai’s SMEs (with Breno Nunes). 
  • Associate of the Higher Education Academy, UK
  • Association for Information Systems (AIS)

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Al-Somali, S., Gholami, R., Clegg, B. (2014). A  Stage-Oriented Model for Business-to-Business e-commerce Adoption in Developing Arab Countries: The case of Saudi Arabia. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management.

  • Gholami, R., Sulaiman, A., Ramayah, T., Molla, A. (2013). Managers' perception on green information systems (IS) adoption and business value: Results from a field survey. Information and Management, 50(7), 431-438.
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Refereed Book Chapters

  • Al-Somali S., Gholami R., Clegg B. (Forthcoming),“An Investigation into the Adoption of Electronic Commerce among Saudi Arabian SMEs,” Strategic E-Commerce Systems and Tools for Competing in the Digital Marketplace.  IGI Global.

  • Gholami R. and Kohli R. (Forthcoming), Business value of IT, Wiley Encyclopedia of Management Volume 7 Management Information Systems, (Volume editors: Detmar Straub and Richard Welke).

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  • Gholami R., Lim J. and Lee S.Y.T, (2007), "The Relationship Between Intention and Usage: A Survey on the Adoption and Usage of Broadband Internet," Handbook of Research on Global Diffusion of Broadband Transmission, edited by Y.K. Dwivedi, A. Papazafeiropoulou, and J. Choudrie, Idea Group Publishing Inc.

 Working Papers

  • Gholami, R., Ogun, A. (2009). Factors affecting e-payment adoption in NigeriaABS Working. Paper, RP0907. 
  • Emrouznejad, A., Gholami, R. (2009). Measuring information society with linear programming. ABS Working Paper, RP0909.
  • Shirazi, F., Anon-Higon, D., Gholami, R. (2009). The impact of Foreign Direct Investment and trade openness on ICT expansion: A comparative analysis of Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern countries (RP0901 ed.).
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  • Al-Somali S., Gholami R. and Clegg B., (2008), Internet Banking Acceptance in the Context of Developing Countries, ABS Working Paper. RP0803.

  • Gholami R., Emrouznejad A. and Schmidt H. (2008), The Impact of ICT on Productivity of Airline Industry, ABS Working Paper, May, RP0809.

 Presentations Given

  • Towards Understanding IT Value Co-creation in Crowdsourcing: the Multiple Stakeholders' Perspective" (2014), International Conference on Information Systems, Aukland, New Zealand, December 14-17, 2014.

  • Green  Information  Systems  Continuance:  The  Case  of  a  Local  Business Community”,Hertfordshire Business School, April 2014
  • IT  for  Environmental  Sustainability”,  School  of  Mathematics,  University of Birmingham, March 2013.
  • “Managers’ Perception on Green Information Systems (IS) Adoption and Business Value: Results from a Field Survey”, Department of Business Administration, Hacettepe University, Turkey, January 2013.
  • “Can we have it all? Achieving Hospital Efficiency and Quality with IT”, 3rd Annual Workshop on Health IT and Economics, Virginia, US, 2012.
  • “Social Networks for Promoting Green Behaviour”, SIGGreen Pre-ECIS 2012 Workshop, Green IS for Sustainability in Education, Research and Practical Solutions, Barcelona. June 10-13.
  • “A Design Science Approach for Engaging Managers of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises into IT for green”, Green IS/IT Strategies and Technologies Track of the 2012 International Conference on Information Resources Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU WIEN), Vienna, Austria, May 21-23.
  • “Collaboration Technology Sociability, Proximity and Task-related and Socio-emotional Communication in Learning Teams. British Educational Research Association Conference 2012
  • “The impact of ICT, Political Freedoms and Educational Attainment on Environmental Sustainability: A Global Perspective” at Technische Universität München, Lehrstuhlfür Wirtschafts Informatik, September 2011, Munich, Germany.
  • “E-business Adoption in Saudi Arabian Private Sector” at International Conference on Information Society, i-Society IEEE 28-30 June, 2010,  London.
  • “Business-to-Business E-Commerce Adoption in Saudi Arabia: The Moderating Effect of Technology Consultants' Orientation” at IAMOT 2011 International Conference, Florida, USA April 10-14.
  • “An Investigation into the adoption of electronic business in Saudi Arabia using the Technology-Organization-Environment Framework” at UKAIS Conference 2010, 23-24 March 2010, University of Oxford.
  • “Contextual antecedents of electronic commerce adoption among organization in developing Arab high-income economies: Evidence from the private sector in Saudi Arabian” in West Midlands Regional Doctoral Colloquium (Aston business school and Birmingham University Business Schools), Aston University, 18 June 2010 

Administrative Roles and Responsibilities

  • Course Director, Business Research and Consultancy (UG Programme), School. (September 2010 - Present) 

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research