Professor Prasanta Kumar Dey

Operations & Information Management Group

Dr Prasanta Dey
Dr. Prasanta Kumar Dey is a professor in Operations and Information Management at Aston Business School, Aston University, UK. Prior to joining Aston University in 2004, he worked for 4 and half years with the University of West Indies in Barbados as a Director of a graduate project management program and 13 years in Indian Oil Corporation Limited, India as a project executive. He has a bachelor in mechanical engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India, Master’s in Industrial engineering and management from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, and Doctoral degree in Production engineering from Jadavpur University. He specializes in low carbon supply chain management and project management. He has extensively published in the international refereed journals (e.g. IEEE Transactions in Engineering Management, International Journal of Production and Operations Management, International Journal of Production Economics, European Journal of Operation Research, Supply Chain Management International Journal, Energy). He is a visiting professor of Rouen Business School and Toulouse Business School in France, University of Deusto in Spain, University of South Australia, University of Bamberg in Germany, and University of Vienna in Austria. He is the founder co-editor of the International Journal of energy Sector Management. He has published more than one hundred research papers in the leading international refereed journals. He has accomplished several research projects funded by Ford Foundation, Research Council, UK, British Council, and West Midlands Manufacturing Advisory Services. His industry clients include Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls Royce, JCB, L’Oreal, NHS, Britons Carpet, Cemex, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Kuwait National Petroleum Company and Unocal.

Position: Professor in Operations Management
Phone: +44(0)121 204 4011
Email: p.k.dey@aston.ac.uk
Room: ABS273

  • PhD Jadavpur University, India
  • Master's in Industrial Engineering and Management,Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering , Jadavpur University, India.
  • Total quality management  
  • Project management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • BN2284 (UG) Total Quality Management
  • BN3372 (UG) Supply Chain Management
  • BNM223 (PG)  Managing Projects
  • Research with: Indian oil Corporation Limited, India; Government of Barbados; Unocal, Thailand, CEMAX, UK.

  • Managing operational and project risk in oil and gas industry,

  • Project management, Service operations management, supply chain management, total quality management and six-sigma, environmental management, applications of multi-criteria decision making in industry.

  1. Bio-energy: Technology and business solution to the UK and India - Research Council, UK and Department of Science and Technology, India funded project under Science Bridge in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India, with Philip Davies, Andreas Hornung, John Elgy, Pawan Budhwar, £3,000,000, likely to be completed in June 2012, Business School portion £2000,000 [Principal investigator for Business School portion]

  2. Climate change and corporate social responsibility - British Council funded project under INSPIRE in collaboration with the Dhaka University, Bangladesh, with Ataur Belal, Stuart Cooper, £45,000, likely to be completed in Feb 2012. [Co-investigator]

  3. Project feasibility analysis and development of supply chain management framework for Bio-energy plant - ESRC funded under CASE studentship for Express Energy, with William Ho, £75,000, likely to be completed in December 2012. [Principal investigator]

  4. Developing business models for renewable energy industry - ESRC funded under CASE studentship for Enco Energy, with John Brammer, £75,000, likely to be completed in December 2012. [Principal investigator]

  5. INTERGROUP COLLABORATION FOR THE STUDY OF THE INTEGRATION OF SUPPLY CHAIN, Fellowship for Dr. Carmen Medina, University of Seville, Spain, Funding body: Ministry of Education (Spain). National Program of Mobility of Human Resources for Research in 2010, in the framework of the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011, Duration of funding:  5 months (from 1/05/2011 to 30/09/2011, (£100,000). [Principal investigator from Aston Business School]

  6. Smart food and agribusiness: future internet for safe and healthy food from farm to fork, Under FP7 funding, with Christ Brewster and John Edwards (£200,000) [co-investigator]

  7. Deliveringlocal bioenergy to North West Europe – in collaboration with European Bioenergy Research Institute, Birmingham City University, and a few European Universities and organizations Under INTERREG (EU funded program); worth £7,000,000; £250,000 (Business school’s portion) [Principal investigator]

  8. Climate change issues and environmental performance of Indian small and medium sized enterprises, with Dr. Ataur Belal and Dr. Stuart Cooper, Aston Business School, and Professor Sadhan Ghosh, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India, Under Innovation partnership, UKIERI, British Council, £40,000 [Principal investigator]

Completed funded projects (since 2008)


  1. Supply chain performance management - British council funded project under PMI2 Connect in collaboration with the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand, with David Bennett, Duncan Shaw, £40,000, completed in February 2011. [Principal investigator]

  2. Project management process development for a UK-based construction company in small and medium size enterprise sector - Funded by Advantage West Midlands funded project under INDEX, £3,000, completed in March 2010 (ESRC funded). [Principal investigator]

  3. Trends in Modern Operations Management of the UK organizations - ESRC funded, with Ben Clegg, £20,000, completed in July 2010. [Co-investigator]

  4. Corporate climate change reporting and the media in BRICS - Aston University's sustainability fund, with Reiner Grundmann, Ataur Belal, Ramesh Krishnamurthy and Mike Scott, £15,000 completed in 2010. [Co-investigator]

  5. Enhancing project Management practices of the West Midland companies - ESRC funded under business engagement opportunities, with Naomi Brookes, Robin Clark, £100,000, completed in 2009. [Co-investigator]

  6. Quality Management system improvement in a UK-based multinational carpet manufacturing company - West Midland Manufacturing Advisory Services and Brintons joint funded, with Ben Clegg, £20,000, completed in 2008. [Principal investigator]

Research proposals under review

  1. Municipal Solid waste to energy: Decision Support System for supply chain design, in collaboration with Jadavpur University, and Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India, UKIERI, British Council, £60,000 [Principal investigator]  

  2. Supply chain optimization for a manufacturing organization in the UK, Knowledge Transfer Partnership project, ESRC £150,000 [Principal investigator]
  3. Business models and commercial scale implementation of bioenergy plant in Northern India, in collaboration with School of Engineering and Applied Science and Indian Institute of Technology, Roper, Funding: Oglesby Trust and Department of Science Technology, India.

Main Supervisor

  1. Supply chain and logistics management of Thai manufacturing industry - Asawin Pasutham (funded by University of Thai Chamber of Commerce), Fulltime, Completed in 2011
  2. Business excellence in the manufacturing organizations in Kuwait – Reem Al-Shamari (self funded) – part time, writing up now, final dissertation to be submitted in 2012
  3. Managing risk in disintegrated bio-energy supply chain - Vimal Eswarlal (funded by Research Council, UK), Full time, to be submitted in September 2012
  4. A study of supply chain integration in the bio-energy industry - Christine Lloyd (part funded by Birmingham City University), Part time, Likely completion 2013
  5. Corporate social responsibility and environmental management practices of manufacturing organization in the UK - Peter Brown (funded by Jaguar Land Rover), Part time, Likely completion 2013
  6. Decision support systems for managing bio-energy supply chain - Daniel Wright (funded by ESRC under CASE studentship), Full time, likely to completed in Sept 2012
  7. Supply chain integration in Maltese manufacturing industry - Ronald Cuschieri (funded by University of Malta), Part time, likely to be completed in 2013
  8. Improving project management effectiveness using knowledge management – Candida Vieira (Funded by DHL), Part time, Likely to be completed in 2013
  9. Green Supply chain management practices in developing countries – Sharmin Kabir (Commonwealth Scholarship, Bangladesh), Full time, to be started in April 2012
  10. Resource optimization for bio-energy - Jim Scott (funded by ESRC under CASE studentship), Full time,likely to be completed in Sept 2012
  11. Managing multiple organizational enterprises using third generation enterprise resource planningYi Wan (self funded), Full time, Likely to be completed in Sept 2012
  12. Renewable energy solution to India, Jonathan Nixon, Full time(funded by RCUK), Full time, to be completed in September 2012  
  13. Development and implementation of a risk-based strategic sourcing framework within the construction and manufacturing industries, Martin Kotula, Part time, likely to be completed in September 2012

For a full list of publications click here. 

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Ogunlana, S O, and Dey, P K (2011) Risk management in engineering and construction, Taylor and Francis, Manuscript submission in June 2012, likely to be published by end of this year

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Special Issue Editor of two journals

  1. International Journal of Operations and Production Management (4*), Trend in modern operations management 2012 with Ben Clegg and Jill MacBryde. 

  2. Production Planning and Control (3*), Supply chain integration, 2012 with Walid Cheffi.

Other Academic Achievements

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