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Andrew Greasley

Andrew Greasley is a lecturer in Information Systems, Operational Research and Statistics in the Operations and Information Management Group at Aston Business School. His research area is the application of discrete-event simulation modeling for process improvement. He has over fifteen years' experience of building simulation models for industrial clients in the private and public sectors. He has taught modeling techniques for a number of years in Europe and Africa, including in the UK, France, Hungary, Malawi and Zimbabwe. He has published papers in journals such as the International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Journal of the Operational Research Society, and SIMULATION. He is author of the text Simulation Modeling for Business published by Ashgate Ltd. and co-author of the best-selling text Business Information Systems published by Pearson Ltd.

Position: Lecturer 

Phone:+44(0)121 204 3110 Email: a.greasley@aston.ac.uk Room: ABS263

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Aston University, 2007

  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA), Higher Education Academy, 2007

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Derby, 1994

  • BN2216 (UG) Operations Management (module leader)

  • BN3318 (UG) Operations Strategy, Systems and Implementation (module leader)

  • BNM802 (PG) Simulation for Managerial Decision Making (module leader)

  • Discrete-Event Simulation Modeling (Business Process Simulation)

  • Business Process Management

  • Systems Thinking and Modeling


Editorial Board Member

  • The Open Operational Research Journal
    ISSN: 1874-2432

  • The Open Management Journal
    ISSN: 1874-9488


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Refereed Papers

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Recent Refereed Conference Papers

  • Greasley, A., Assi, A.P. (2011) "Using discrete event simulation to investigate road delivery policies to UK retailers," Proceedings of the Nineteenth IASTED International Conference on Applied Simulation and Modelling, Crete, Greece.

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