Laura Chamberlain


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Laura Chamberlain
Position: Lecturer in Marketing 

Phone: 0121 204 3155
Email: l.m.chamberlain1@aston.ac.uk Room: ABS240

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • PhD (pending) Aston Business School, Aston University. [ESRC accredited]
  • Msc Marketing Management (Distinction), Aston Business School, Aston University .
  • BA (Hons) American and Canadian Studies, The University of Birmingham and University of California Irvine.

Laura currently teaches Consumer Behaviour and Advanced Consumer Behaviour at undergraduate level and supervises MSc dissertation students. She has previous teaching experience in Marketing Psychology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Marketing Strategy and Services Marketing at postgraduate level, Strategic Management and Data Analysis at undergraduate level.

Laura’s research interests include consumer behaviour, advertising, social marketing, neuromarketing, e-marketing, higher education, research methodology and experimental design. In particular, her doctoral research investigates the antecedents and consequences of emotional responses to threat appeal stimuli. The research intends to contribute not only a close examination of emotional responses to threat appeal stimuli but also the effectiveness of such stimuli in terms of changing consumers behavioural intentions.

Laura’s work has appeared in BMC Neurology, International Journal of Psychophysiology, Annals of New York Academy of Science, Academy of Marketing Science Review, Journal of Marketing Education, Qualitative Market Research, and at the European Marketing Academy Conference.


Journal Publications

  • Lee, Nick. Cadogan, John. and Chamberlain, Laura (2013) “The MIMIC model and formative variables: problems and solutions” Academy of Marketing Science Review
  • Lee, Nick. Cadogan, John. and Chamberlain, Laura (2013) “Formative variables are unreal variables: why the formative MIMIC model is invalid” Academy of Marketing Science Review
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  • Bascoul, Ganaël, Schmitt, Julien. Rasolofoarison, Dina. Chamberlain, Laura Lee, Nick (2013) “Using an Experiential Business Game to Stimulate Sustainable Thinking in Marketing Education” Journal of Marketing Education Special Issue “Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability in Marketing Education”
  • Lee, Nick, Broderick, Amanda, Chamberlain, Laura (2007) “What is Neuromarketing? A Discussion and Agenda for Future Research” International Journal of Psychophysiology Vol.63 (2)
  • Lee, Nick and Chamberlain, Laura (2007) “Neuroimaging and Psychophysiological Measurement in Organizational Research: An Agenda for Organizational Cognitive Neuroscience.” Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 1118, pp18-43
  • Chamberlain, Laura and Broderick, Amanda (2007) “The Application of Physiological Observation Methods to Emotion Research” Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal Vol.10 (2)
  • Chamberlain, Laura (2007) “Book Review: Eye Tracking Methodology; Theory and Practise” Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal Vol.10 (2)

Referred Conference Publications

  • Schmitt, Julien. Bascoul, Ganaël, Rasolofoarison, Dina. Chamberlain, Laura. and Lee, Nick (2013) “Consumers’ biased perceptions of the environmental impact of products, and their influence on advertising efficiency” 42nd European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Ackfeldt, Anna-Lena, Chamberlain, Laura and Clarke, Elaine (2012) “The words we say will teach, if we practise what we preach: Developing a new discourse to encourage cultural changes in higher education” SHRE Annual Research Conference, Cardiff, Wales
  • Lee, Nick and Chamberlain, Laura (2012) “The talent myth in sales” Special Session “Leadership (not management) issues in sales organisations: Theoretical lenses and practical applications” AMA Winter Educators Conference, Florida, United States of America
  • Chamberlain, Laura and Lee, Nick (2011) “Emotional responses to threat appeals “40th European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Chamberlain, Laura and Lee, Nick (2011) “Widening the consideration of emotional responses to threat appeal stimuli.” Customer Research Academy Workshop (CRAWS), Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Chamberlain, Laura and Broderick, Amanda (2006) “A Conceptualisation of Emotional Responses to Threat Appeals” 35th European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), Athens, Greece.
  • Chamberlain, Laura and Broderick, Amanda (2005) “A Categorisation of Threat Appeals” 34th European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), Milan, Italy.

Book Contributions

  • “Viewpoint: Research Design” in Lee, Nick with Ian Lings (2008) Doing Business Research, Sage: London

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research