Dr John Rudd

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John Rudd

With significant experience in both commercial and academic settings, John is committed to exploring and communicating the value of marketing, and effective marketing practice, to academic and business audiences.

Passionate about teaching quality and the student experience, John enjoys working with undergraduate, postgraduate and executive audiences, and has received several teaching awards in these areas. With varied research interests, current projects cluster around issues of strategic marketing, strategic planning and decision making, sales relationships and social media. His work has been published, or is forthcoming in, the International Journal of Management Reviews, the Journal of Business Research, the European Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Strategic Marketing, the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management and the Journal of Marketing Management.

Prior to pursuing an academic career, John held a number of senior management roles in retail, wholesale and construction sectors.

Position: Reader in Marketing & Strategic Management
Role: Head of Group
Email: j.m.rudd@aston.ac.uk
Phone: +44(0)121 204 3218
Room: ABS238

  • KTP, Single Associate Grant: Aquarius Action Projects, to develop management processes and culture for effective communications with commissioning bodies to secure new service opportunities through introduction of effective tender responses” (Supporting Academic)

  • KTP, Single Associate Grant: British Association of Social Workers, to develop a brand and marketing strategy (Lead Academic)

  • Funding totaling over £500K

Recent Journal Publications

  • Shepherd, N.G and Rudd, J.M. “The Influence of Context on the Strategic Decision Making Process: A Review of the Literature”. International Journal of Management Reviews (forthcoming)
  • Gilliland, D.I. and Rudd, J.M. (2013) “Control of Electronic Channel Affiliates”. Journal of Business Research. Volume 66, Issue 12, December 2013, pp 2650–2656
  • Punjaisri, K., Evanschitzky, H. and Rudd, J.M. (2013) “Aligning employee service recovery performance with brand values: The role of brand-specific leadership”. Journal of Marketing Management. Vol. 29, No. 9-10, pp 981-1006 
  • Marshall, G.W., Moncrief, W.C., Rudd, J.M. and Lee, N.J. (2012) “Revolution in Sales: The Impact of Social Media and Related Technology on the Selling Environment”. Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Vol. 32, No. 3, pp. 349 – 363.
  • Combe, I.A., Rudd, J.M. and Leeflang, P.S.H. (2013) “Antecedents of Strategic Flexibility. Management Cognition, Firm Resources and Strategic Options. European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 46, Iss 10, pp 1320 – 1339.
  • Rudd, J.M., Greenley, G,E., Beatson, A.B., Lings, I. (2008) "Strategic Planning and performance: Extending the debate", Journal of Business Research, Vol. 61, No. 2, pp 99 – 108.
  • Beatson, A.B., Coote, L. and Rudd, J.M. (2006), “Determining Customer Satisfaction and Commitment Through Self-Service Technology and Personal Service Usage”, Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 22, pp 853-882.
  • Greenley, G.E., Hooley, G.J. and Rudd, J.M., (2005), “Market Orientation in a Multiple Stakeholder Orientation Context: Implications for Marketing Capabilities and Assets”, Journal of Business Research, 58, pp 1483-1494.
  • Greenley, G.E., Hooley, G.J., Broderick, A.J. and Rudd, J.M. (2004), “Strategic Planning Differences Among Different Multiple Stakeholder Orientation Profiles”, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Vol. 12, No. 3, pp 163-182.
  • Rudd, J.M and Morgan, R.E. (2003). “Marketing Strategy: A History of the Next Decade”, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Vol. 11, No. 3, Sept.

Recent Conference Papers

  • Sánchez, JAL and Rudd, J.M. (2013) An empirical examination of organizational learning orientation profile and implications for strategic planning capacity. Academy of Marketing Conference, July 8-11, Cardiff, UK.
  • Sibbai, Olivier, Andrew M Farrell, John Rudd and Kristine De Valck (2013), “We want drama! The effect of online conflict on social capital in online communities of consumption”, European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) Doctoral Colloquium, June 2-3, Istanbul.
  • Sibbai, Olivier, Kristine De Valck, John Rudd and Andrew M Farrell (2013), “We want drama! The effect of online conflict on social capital in online communities of consumption”, European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), June 4-7, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Sood, A., Rudd, J.M. and Farrell, A. (2013) “What Does “Good” Look Like? A Three Country Examination of Marketing Practice. European Marketing Academy Conference, June 4-7, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Parkes, G., Rudd, J.M. and Hart, M. (2012) "Credit Rationing and Entrepreneurs – getting to the Head of the Queue". Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Conference, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Sibbai, Olivier, Kristine De Valck and John Rudd (2012), “Conflicts and Online Community Social Capital: The Influence of Conflict Management Practices”, Consumer Culture Theory Conference, August 16-19, Oxford.
  • Shepherd, N and Rudd J.M. (2012) "Intuition in Strategic Decision Making: Implications for Strategic Decision Effectiveness", Academy of Management Conference, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Rudd, J.M. (2012) “Days of Future Passed. A Retrospective on Sales Management Theory and Method”. Presented as part of a Special Session highlighting the work of ABS scholars entitled “Leadership (not Management) Issues in Sales Organizations. Theoretical Lenses and Practical Applications”, American Marketing Association (AMA), St Petersburg, Florida, US.
  • Shepherd, N.G. and Rudd, J.M. (2011) “Strategic Decision Implementation”, British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference,  Aston Business School, Birmingham UK
  • Fixson, Steffen, Nick Lee, and John M. Rudd (2011), "Actions Speak Louder than Words: How Salespeople can Support Suppliers' Marketing Programs in Buyer-Seller Relationships," 40th European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Shepherd, N. And Rudd, J.M. (2010). “'Strategic Decision Making in Small Businesses: Implications for Strategic Flexibility and Strategic Adaptation”, Strategic Management Society Conference, Rome.
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  • Gilliland, D.I. and Rudd, J.M. (2008). “Electronic channel affiliates: Analysis of host site control processes”. ISBM Conference, Penn State, SMEAL College, San Diego, US.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research