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Andrew M Farrell

Andrew has been a Lecturer in Marketing at Aston Business School since June 2009. His research interests lie in the areas of services marketing, leadership, and research methodology. His work has appeared in Journal of Business Research, Psychology & Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, and others. Together with Professor Nick Lee (Loughborough University), he edited the Marketing volume of the 2014 Wiley Encyclopaedia of Management.

He is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society (CMRS), a Fellow of the Academy of Marketing Science (FAMS), and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). He is a member of the editorial review board ofJournal of Marketing Theory & Practice and reviews, on an ad-hoc basis, for theEuropean Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Leadership Quarterly, Human Relations and the British Journal of Management. In addition, he has presented his work at a variety of national and international conferences.

Andrew was a finalist for the Best Paper Award at the 2001 Academy of Marketing Annual Conference and the 2007 Postgraduate Research Prize at Loughborough University. In 2011, Andrew was awarded the Outstanding Reviewer Award from the European Journal of Marketing, and in 2014 he received the Dean's Award for Innovation in Teaching.

In his spare time, Andrew is an avid follower of the NBA and, to a lesser extent, the NFL.

Position: Lecturer in Marketing and Research Group Convenor 

Phone: +44(0)121 204 4874
Email: a.m.farrell2@aston.ac.uk
Room: ABS233

  • PhD (Loughborough, UK)

  • BCA (Hons.) (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

  • BCA (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice (PGCPP) (Aston University, UK)

  • FAMS, Fellow of the Academy of Marketing Science

  • FHEA, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

  • CMRS, Certified Member of the Market Research Society

  • Lecturer in Marketing, Aston Business School, 2009-date
  • Research Convenor, Marketing Group, 2014-date
  • Research Degrees Director, Marketing Group, 2014-date
  • Research Associate, Loughborough University, 2004-2009

Andrew currently teaches undergraduate and postgraduate Market(ing) Research modules (BM2217, BMM603 and BMM652). Andrew also teaches Doctoral students at Aston Business School. Previously, Andrew has been involved in teaching Marketing Management, International Marketing, Services Marketing, Consumer Behaviour and Advertising, and Research Methods at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as supervising numerous dissertation projects.

Andrew's primary research stream concerns the application of sociological and psychological theories to develop understanding of the manager—employee—customer (i.e. Service-Profit Chain) interfaces within organisations. With a particular emphasis upon services marketing and leadership processes, this research examines the contribution of various stakeholders towards such outputs as commitment, motivation, stress, satisfaction, service quality, service encounter quality, employee turnover, and organisational citizenship behaviours.

The secondary focus of Andrew’s work is the application of latent variable modelling techniques and how these techniques have filtered into the academic and practitioner community. Current research projects focus upon discriminant validity and confirmatory factor analysis assessment, with particular emphasis on the reporting of these procedures in marketing, management and organisational psychology literatures.

  • British Academy, Small Research Grant: Leveraging Collaborative Working by Managing Group Identities (Co-Applicant, PI: Dr Belinda Dewsnap, Loughborough)

  • KTP, Single Associate Grant: British Association of Social Workers, to develop a brand and marketing strategy (Support Academic, PI: Dr John Rudd, ABS)

  • Total Funding won: £400,000            

  • Dr. Iftakar Haji (completed 2013), Initial Placement: Loughborough University
  • Miss Joanna Pokorska (expected 2015), Initial Placement: University of Birmingham
  • Mr Olivier Sibai (expected 2015), Initial Placement: Birkbeck College, University of London
  • Mr David Carrington (expected 2016)
  • Editorial Review Board - Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice (2015 to date)
  • Ad hoc peer reviewer, British Journal of Management
  • Ad hoc peer reviewer, European Journal of Marketing
  • Ad hoc peer reviewer, Human Relations
  • Ad hoc peer reviewer, International Marketing Review
  • Ad hoc peer reviewer, Journal of Business Research
  • Ad hoc peer reviewer, Leadership Quarterly
  • American Marketing Association (Member)

  • Academy of Marketing Science (Fellow)

  • Higher Education Academy (Fellow)

  • Market Research Society (Certified Member)

  • Underlining denotes PhD student co-author

Journal Articles

  • Sibai, ORB, K De Valck, AM Farrell and JM Rudd “Governance and Moderation in Online Communities of Consumption: A Framework for Community Management”, Psychology & Marketing, 32(3), 450-464.

  • Sibai, ORB, K De Valck, AM Farrell and JM Rudd (2014) "Keyboard Warriors in Cyberfights: Conflict in Online Communities of Consumption and its Effects on Community Resources", Advances in Consumer Research, 42, 697-698.

  • Haji, I, H Evanschitzky, I Combe and AM Farrell (2012) "The Forgotten Brand Personality Dimension", Advances in Consumer Research, 40: 442-453.

  • Jayawardhena, C and AM Farrell (2011) “Effects of Retail Employees' Behaviours on Customers' Service Evaluation”, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 39(3): 203-217.

  • Farrell, AM (2010) “Insufficient Discriminant Validity: A Comment on Bove, Pervan, Beatty and Shiu (2009)” Journal of Business Research, 63(3): 324-327.

  • Hart, CA, AM Farrell, GB Stachow, G Reed and JW Cadogan (2007) “The Impact of Shopping Experience Enjoyment on Customers’ Repatronage Intentions” Service Industries Journal, 27(5), pp. 583-604.

  • Jayawardhena, C, AL Souchon, AM Farrell, and K Glanville (2007) “Outcomes of Service Encounter Quality in a Business-to-Business Context” Industrial Marketing Management, 36(5), pp. 575-588. [Top 25 Most Downloaded IMM Papers from April to September 2007]

  • Hart, CA, GB Stachow, AM Farrell and G Reed (2007), “Employer Perceptions of Skills Gaps in Retail: Issues and Implications for UK Retailers” International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 35(4), pp. 271-288.

  • Farrell, AM, AL Souchon, and GR Durden (2001), “Service Encounter Conceptualisation: Employees’ Service Behaviours and Customers’ Service Quality Perceptions,” Journal of Marketing Management, 17, 5/6, pp. 577-593.

Edited Works

  • Lee, NJ and AM Farrell (2014, Eds) Volume 9: Marketing, in Cooper, C (Ed), Wiley Encyclopaedia of Management, Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN-13: 978-1-119-97251-8

Recent Conference Papers

  • Dewsnap, B, AM Farrell and M Micevski (2013) “Measuring Social Identity in Interfunctional Marketing Research” European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), June, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Sibai, ORB, K De Valck, JM Rudd and AM Farrell (2013) “We Want Drama! The Effect of Online Conflict on Social Capital in Online Communities of Consumption” European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), June, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Pokorska, J, AM Farrell, H Evanschitzky and K Pillai (2013) “Relationship Fading in Business-to-Consumer Context” European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), June, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Rudd, JM, AM Farrell and A Sood (2013) “What Does Good Look Like? A Three-Country Examination of Marketing Practice” European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), June, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Farrell, AM, A Sood, J Schmitt and B Dewsnap (2013) “Student Morningness-Eveningness Type and Performance: Does Class Timing Matter?” European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), June, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Dewsnap, B, AM Farrell and N Boso (2011) “Charismatic Leadership as a Driver of Sales-Marketing Collaboration” European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), May, Ljubliana, Slovenia.

  • Farrell, AM and JM Rudd (2009) “Factor Analysis and Discriminant Validity: A Brief Review of Some Practical Issues” Australia-New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC), December, Melbourne, Australia.

  • Member of Aston University Student Disciplinary Committee

  • External Examiner for undergraduate Marketing programs at Bradford University Management School (2010-2014)

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