Professor Nathan Joseph

Finance Group

Nathan Joseph
Role: Head of Group
n.l.joseph@aston.ac.uk Phone:+44(0)121 204 3143 
Room: ABS419
  • Diploma, Imperial College, University of London, 1991. Subject: Economics
  • Ph D, Imperial College, University of London, 1990. Subject: Economics
  • MBA, Aston Business School, 1987. Subject: Finance & Information Management
  • ACMA, Associate of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, 1984.
  • Finalist, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, 1982.


  • Professor of Finance, Aston Business School. (May 2007 - Present)
  • Reader in Finance, Aston Business School. (January 2003 - May 2007)
  • Director of Research Degrees Programme, Aston Business School. (April 2003 - August 2004)
  • Reader of Finance, University of Manchester. (September 2001 - December 2002)
  • Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester. (January 2000 - September 2001)
  • Lecturer, University of Manchester. (October 1992 - January 2000)


  • International Treasury Analyst, NCR Treasury Services  London - a division of NCR Inc., USA. (September 1990 - September 1992)


  • MSc programmes:  International Finance, Applied Research Methods
  • MBA programmes: International Finance
  • Doctoral programme: Philosophy of Management Research

Course Directorships

  •        MSc Business and Management

  •        MSc Finance and Financial Regulation

  • Modelling asset pricing in financial markets
  • Risk management and asset pricing
  • Market efficiency and stock price overreaction
  • Shareholder activism and institutional investors
  • Forecasting
  • Fund management
  • Non-linear estimation methods in asset pricing models

Recent PhD students successfully supervised

  • Kanungo Rama, “Corporate Restructuring, firm Performance and value”, (sole supervisor), (2010).   
  • Dr Lai Baoying, "Pricing-to-market for U.K. export sector", (sole supervisor), (2007).
  • Dr Rashid Ameer, "Financial Liberalization and Dynamics of Firm level Financing and Investment Decisions in the South-East Asian Countries", (Joint-supervision), (2007).
  • I successfully supervised a further five PhD students whilst at University of Manchester.

External PhD examining

  • Tanaka Business School, Imperial College: (Sep. 2005; Feb. 2007; Feb 2008)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University (1998; 2006)
  • Manchester University (Nov. 2006)
  • Manchester Business School (Mar 2005)
  • Co- Editor, British Accounting Review. (April 2013 - Present)
  • Joint Editor, British Accounting Review. (July 2012 - Present)
  • Associate Editor, Decision Analytics. (2010 - Present)
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences. (June 2008 - Present)
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences. (August 2007 - Present)
  • Associate Editor, British Accounting Review. (May 2009 - March 2013)
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of International Business and Finance. (2007 - 2009)
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Finance Letters. (2003 - 2009)
  • Editorial Review Board Member, International Quarterly Journal of Finance. (2001 - 2003)
  • Academic Referee, Advances in Econometrics.
  • Academic Referee, Benchmarking:  An International Journal.
  • Academic Referee, Corporate Governance: An International Review.
  • Academic Referee, Economic Bulletin.
  • Academic Referee, Economic Journal.
  • Academic Referee, Economic Modelling.
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Finance Letters.
  • Academic Referee, International Journal of Finance and Economics.
  • Academic Referee, International Journal of Forecasting.
  • Academic Referee, International Journal of Hospitality Management.
  • Academic Referee, International Journal of Managerial Finance.
  • Editorial Review Board Member, International Quarterly Journal in Finance and Finance Letters.
  • Academic Referee, Journal of Banking and Finance.
  • Academic Referee, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting.
  • Academic Referee, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.
  • Academic Referee, Journal of Multinational Financial Management.
  • Academic Referee, Management Accounting Research.
  • Academic Referee, Multinational Finance Journal.
  • Academic Referee, The European Journal of Finance. 


Professional Membership

  • Associate of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMA)
  • British Accounting & Finance Association. (April 2013 - Present)

  • Member, British Accounting Association Special Interest Group in Corporate Governance. (1998 - 2006)

Academic Membership

  • EURO Working Group on Financial Model

Refereed Journal Articles

  •  Bree, D. S., Joseph, N. (2013). Testing for financial crashes using the Log Periodic Power Law model.
  • “Price Reaction of Large One-day Price Changes: U.K. Evidence”,  Journal of Banking and Finance, (2009) Vol. 33, pp. 1481-1493 (K. Mazouz and J. Joulmer).
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  • "Portfolio models for foreign exchange exposure", Omega, (1991) Vol. 19(4) pp. 247-258, (with R. Hewins).

 Working papers not covered above 

  • "Why Empirical Portfolio Models of Foreign Exchange Exposure Fail", Manchester University (1997) (with J. Solomon).

  • "The Distribution of UK Foreign Exchange Rate Returns", Working Paper 94/2, (1994) Manchester University.

  • "Wealth effects and exchange rate fluctuations".Kassanis, A., Joseph, N.

Refereed Research Monograph

  • External Reporting and Management Decisions, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, CIMA Research, Monograph, 1996 (Manchester University research team).

 Book Chapters 

  • Joseph, N. (2000). Foreign exchange rate risk, financial reporting and hedging motives. The Current State of Business Disciplines (vol. 3). Rohtak: Spellbound Publications.

Other Intellectual Contributions

  • Joseph, N., Lai, B. Modeling foreign exchange rate pass-through using the exponential GARCH.Book Chapter in Nov 2013 “Strategic Decision-Making: Interdisciplinary Considerations.
  •  Joseph, N., Lowe, A. (2013). New joint editors for the British Accounting Review.Accounting Review, 45(82).
  •  Joseph, N., Mazouz, K. (2010). Testing for overreaction and return continuations in stock Price index returns.International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences, 1(2), 93-112.

  • Joseph, N., Hopper, T. (1995). The dissection of the dinosaur: experimenting, in control at Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc.Management Accounting (UK).

Administrative Roles and Responsibilities

  • Course Director, MSc Finance and Financial Regulation, School. (October 2013 - Present)
  • Course Director, MSc Finance and Financial Regulation, School. (September 2008 - September 2012)
  • Course Director, MSc Business and Management, School. (September 2010 - August 2012)
  • MSc Acctg & Finance Course Director. (September 2008 - August 2010)
  • MSc Acctg & Business Course Director, School. (September 2007 - August 2008)

  Editorial Board Membership

  • International Quarterly Journal in Finance
  • Finance Letters
  • Journal of International Business and Finance

Other Academic Membership

  • Conference Advisory Board/Programme Committee Member: Financial Management Association International Conference in 2002.
  • European Finance Association: August 2006, August 2007, August 2008.
  • Professor has also been an External Examiner on MSc, MBA and undergraduate degree Examination Boards for a number of UK universities.

Academic Refereeing 

International Journal of Finance and Economics; Journal of Business Finance and Accounting; Management Accounting Research; British Accounting Review; The European Journal of Finance; Journal of Multinational Financial Management; Multinational Finance Journal; Corporate Governance: an International Review; International Quarterly Journal in Finance; International Journal of Forecasting; Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control; Finance Letters.

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research