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Patricia Chelley-Steeley

Position: Professor
Phone:+44(0)121 204 3060
Email: p.l.chelley-steeley@aston.ac.uk
Room: ABS418

“Investing in Large Firms”, in

  • Sunday Telegraph, March 10, 2001,

  • FT-Money, March 13. 2001,

  • Investors Chronicle, March 23, 2001

  • Derby Evening Telegraph, March 27, 2001

  • Birmingham Post, March 31, 2001

  • Money Marketing, April 12, 2001,

  • Independent on Sunday, April 14, 2001

  • PhD in Economics from Loughborough University 1996 Title : Small Firm Effects in the U.K. Stock Market
  • M.A. in Economics from Manchester University 1988
  • BA in Economics, University of Swansea 1987
  • Chair in Finance
  • Course Director for Msc Finance and Investments and Msc in Investment Analysis. 
  • Associate Editor Journal of Banking and Finance

External Positions

2007- Current 

  • Academic Board member for Institute of Financial Services  
  • Associate Editor Journal of Behavioral Accounting and Finance
  • Editorial Board Journal of Management and Commerce



  • Reviewer for ESRC Post-doctoral fellowships.

My current research focuses on Market Microstructure and Experimental Finance.

Equity Market Volatility, Market Microstructure, Equity Buy-Backs, Equity Market Integration, Portfolio Predictability, Small Firm Effects in the UK.

Competitive Research Income (external)

  • £4,275, INQUIRE UK, 2001/03. Funding for a research project on Concentration of the UK Stock Market.
  • £3,500, Virgin-Direct, 2000/01. Funding for a research project on Investing in Large Firms
  • £2,500, INQUIRE UK and INQUIRE Europe, 1995/96. Annual research paper prize (joint with J.M.Steeley).
  • £400, Conference Funding for FMA 2007-British Academy.
  • £700, Funding via Money, Macro and Finance Association for hosting of one day symposium on experimental finance held at Aston July 2008.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Chelley-Steeley, P.L. (2013), Bid-ask spread dynamics in foreign exchange markets, International Review of Financial Analysis, (with Nikolaos Tsorakidis) forthcoming.
  • Chelley-Steeley, P.L. (2013) Illiquidity shocks and the comovement between stocks: new evidence using smooth transition, Journal of Empirical Finance, (with Neophytos Lambertides and Christos Savva) forthcoming.

  • Chelley-Steeley, P.L. (2013), The role of pre-existing liquidity in determining price efficiency and liquidity gains following the introduction of SETSmm, European Financial Management, forthcoming.

  • Chelley-Steeley, P.L. (2010), “Efficiency and the Trading System:  The case of  SETSmm”, (with Leonid Skortsov) Journal of Financial Markets Institutions and Money., Vol 20 5 509-518.

  • Chelley-Steeley, P.L., with Christopher Battig (2010), “The Impact of the Closing Call Auction: An Examination of Effects in London”, Applied Financial Economics, 20 303-315.

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Professional Publications

  • Chelley-Steeley, P.L., (2006, in press), “The increasing momentum of momentum trading in the UK Stock Market,” (with A. Siganos), in Almanac 2006, (Harriman House, 2006).
  • Chelley-Steeley, P.L., (2001), Investing in Large firms. Research monograph (Published by Virgin-Direct).


  • 2000 - ANBAR award for Excellence for “Exchange Controls and the Transmission  of Equity Market Volatility”, Applied Economics.

  • 1998 - ANBAR award for Excellence for “Exchange controls and European stock market integration,” (with E.J. Pentecost and J.M. Steeley), Applied Economics.

  • 1997 - ANBAR award for Excellence for “The Impact of Portfolio Diversification on Trading Rule Profits: Some evidence for U.K. share portfolios”, (with J.M. Steeley), Journal of Business Finance and Accounting.

  • 1996 - INQUIRE UK and INQUIRE Europe Prize for best research paper presented at their 1995-96 conferences (joint with J.M.Steeley).

  • 1987 - Thomas and Elizabeth Williams Scholarship, for postgraduate study

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