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Antonios Kassanis

I have recently joined Aston Business School, having previously taught at the University of Birmingham for a number of years (during and after my doctorate). I have had the opportunity to teach at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and across a diverse range of modules within the Economics / Finance curriculum, i.e. International Investment, Foreign Exchange Markets, International Trade Policy, (Open Economy) Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics.

The focus of my PhD study at the University of Birmingham was essentially Macroeconomic. Specifically, I employed modern Econometric techniques in order to investigate the feasibility of the Euro area with respect to the transmission of monetary policy. Meanwhile, I held a temporary research position, which allowed me to participate in a (EU-funded) group project whose objective was to examine the ‘security’ and ‘insecurity’ aspects of housing and their wider implications in the economy. The published output of this research has since had an impact on the policy-making decisions of certain European housing authorities.

Prior to this, I had completed an MSc (Money, Banking & Finance), which allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge in finance-related topics.  

Position: Teaching Fellow 

Phone: +44(0)121 204 3694 Email: a.kassanis@aston.ac.uk Room: ABS415

  • PhD (Economics), University of Birmingham, UK
  • MSc (Money, Banking & Finance), University of Birmingham, UK
  • BA (Hons) (Financial Economics), Coventry University, UK
  • BFM 208 (International Finance, PG) (Module Leader)
  • BF 3334 (International Finance, UG) (Module Leader)
  • I am the course director for MSc Finance and Investment. Currently, I am also contributing further to the teaching activities of the Group by undertaking a number of Security Analysis workshops for MSc students.
  • The links between (Financial & Housing) Assets, Wealth and Spending
  • Financial Econometrics with (mainly) Time-Series
  • Monetary Economics
  • (with J. Doling, N. Horsewood and N. Vasilakos) Financial Burdens in Relation to Housing Costs in countries of the EU, Working Paper Series, 2005, School of Social Sciences, University of Birmingham 
  • (with J. Doling, N. Horsewood and N. Vasilakos), “Home ownership and labour market participation of younger people” Housing and Urban Policy Studies, 31, 2006
  • (with J. Doling, N. Horsewood and N. Vasilakos), “Home ownership, self-employment and investment”, Housing and Urban Policy Studies, 31, 2006
  • Consumption Expenditure in Europe: The role of equity and housing wealth, Working Paper Series,2008, School of Social Sciences,  University of Birmingham 

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research