Dr Yama Temouri (PhD)

Economics & Strategy Group

Yama Temouri

My research interests are mainly international economics and trade, particularly the economics of multinational enterprises and its impacts on host and home economies. I am particularly interested in issues to do with productivity, outsourcing/offshoring activities and employment dynamics. I am currently working on the links between institutional quality, FDI and firm performance

Position: Lecturer
Phone: +44(0)121 204 3244
Email: y.temouri1@aston.ac.uk
Room: SW1018


  • “Institutional reforms, productivity and profitability: from rents to competition?” Journal of Comparative economics, 2012, with N. Driffield and T. Mickiewicz.
  • “Self-selection into export markets by business services firms – Evidence from France, Germany and the United Kingdom”, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2012, with J. Wagner and A. Vogel.
  • “The Future of offshoring FDI in high-tech sectors”, Futures, (42), 2010, 960-970, with N. Driffield and L. Anon Higon.
  • “German Outward FDI and Firm Performance”, Applied Economics Quarterly, 56(1), 2010, 31-50, with N. Driffield and L. Anon Higon.
  • “Does German Foreign Direct Investment lead to job losses at home?”, Applied Economics Quarterly, 55(3), 2009, 243-263, with N. Driffield.
  • “Analysis of productivity differences among foreign and domestic firms: Evidence from Germany”, The Review of World Economics, 144(1), 2008, 32-54, with N. Driffield and L. Anon Higon.

Work in Progress

  • “Institutions and Ownership Structures of International Equity Joint Ventures”, with T. Mickiewicz and N. Driffield.
  • “Employment Protection and Relocation with firm heterogeneity”, with H. Görg and G. Dewit.
  • “Determining the importance of the ownership effect for firm performance”, with N. Driffield and K. Sun.
  • “Internationalisation and High-Growth Firms: The OECD Experience, with Jun Du.

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