Mr Stefeno Menghinello

Stefeno Menghinello

Research Associate

Economics and Strategy Group

Research Officer at the Italian National Statistical Institute (from 1st January 1998), as head of Unit “Statistics and economic analysis of MNEs” (from 2005), and Research Fellow at Aston University (from July 2007)

University Education

1990 - 1994 University “L.Bocconi”, Milan Italy - First Class Degree in Economics (DES program)
2001 – 2007  University of Birmingham – Ph.D

Previous Positions:

Regional Institute for economic planning of Tuscany (IRPET), Italy, Research fellow, January – December 1997 
University of Ancona, Department of Economics, Italy, Research assistant, January 2005 – December 2006
Research Profile and Current Agenda

My research is largely quantitative in nature, focusing on clusters, multinational companies and regional development from both a statistical and an analytical perspectives. Most of my work involves the set up of surveys and the analysis of results about globalisation related issues, such as the structure and performance of resident companies under foreign control (Inward FATS statistics), including MNEs localisation choice and intra-firm international technology transfer, and the determinants of international sourcing of manufacturing activities and business services carried out by resident companies. 
Statistics and Economics of International Business
Since my degree my main area of research has been the statistics and the economics of international business.  In particular, I’ve developed new official statistics and carried out analytical work on the export performance and production outsourcing of Italian local production systems (small and highly specialised clusters), the determinants of location choice of MNEs in Italy, as well as on the structure and performance of foreign affiliates as compared to domestic multinational and non multinational companies.


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Refereed Journal Papers

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Contributions to edited volumes

Menghinello, S. (2004) “I sistemi produttivi locali della filiera legno arredamento” in La capacità competitiva della filiera italiana del legno-arredamento, F.Onida, F.Traù and  Gargiulo Eds., Franco Angeli, Milano
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Other papers 

Menghinello, S. and Trinca E. (2005) “L’industria europea tra declino e ricerca di nuovi equilibri competitivi” in Rapporto ICE, luglio 2005, Roma

Menghinello, S. (2005) “Assessing spillovers and reverse spillovers from multinational enterprises by direct reporting on foreign affiliates”, paper presented at the Special Session on Globalisation, OECD Headquarters, Paris, November 2005

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