Mr Mohammed Karim 




  • PhD Candidate in Management. Economics and Strategy Group, Aston Business School.

  • MA (International Business), London Metropolitan University, UK

  • MBA (Management), University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

  • BBA (Management), University of Chittagong, Bangladesh  

Academic group affiliation:

Economics and Strategy Group

Year of entry:


Thesis title:

Impact of Entrepreneurial Environment on Youths

Research keywords:

Youths, Attitude, Entrepreneurial Environment, Career Choice, Growth.


Professor Mark Hart and Mr Kirit Vaidya

Membership of professional societies:



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Conferences and other presentations:

University of Surry, UK: Karim, M.S. (2005) ‘Impact of Entrepreneurial Environment on Youths’ Attitude to become an Entrepreneur in Bangladesh’, 15th IntEnt Conference on “Internationalizing Entrepreneurship Education and Training”, University of Surrey, UK, July 10th - 13th, 2005. www.intent-conference.com

University of Rijeka, Croatia: Karim, M.S. (2005) ‘The Status of Entrepreneurial Environment and Its Impact on Youths’ Attitude to be an Entrepreneur in Bangladesh’, 3rd International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Macroeconomic Management’, University of Rijeka, Pula, Croatia, April 28-30, 2005. Vol 2, pp. 465-487. The work has been awarded the status of original scientific work.


Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research