Joe Bromfield

Joe Bromfield

Full-time doctoral student

Economics and Strategy Group

Email: j.bromfield1@aston.ac.uk 




MSc Economics, University of Bristol, UK
BSc Economics and Management, Aston University, UK

Academic group affiliation

Economics & Strategy

Year of entry


Research keywords

Maverick firms, competition policy, tacit collusion, game theory, mergers

Research Description

Chapter 1: An analysis of the application of the maverick concept in recent EC merger cases

Chapter 2: A Bertrand-Edgeworth repeated games model of maverick firms

Chapter 3: A contribution towards maverick firm identification, focused on the UK banking industry 2000-2009


Matt Olczak, David Saal

Teaching responsibilities

  •  Introduction to Microeconomics

  •  Principles of Macroeconomics

Office Hours: TBC

Employable Graduates; Exploitable Research